September 5, 2022

Non-Student Day September 19

Monday, September 19 is a non-student day. Schools will not be in session on this day.

We will see your student again on Tuesday, September 20th.

Couldn't make it to Back to School Night last week?

If you were unable to attend Back to School Night this past Thursday, here is a link to the opening information segment of the evening:

Back to School Night presentation

Are you interested in serving on our School Site Council this year?

Would you be interested in serving on the César Chávez Middle School School Site Council as a parent representative? To nominate yourself, you may submit your name by using this form to the school office by Friday, September 9, 2022.

School Site Council is composed of staff and parent representatives who serve a two-year term. We meet up to five times a year to oversee the implementation of various programs in the school, including federally-funded programs. The School Site Council is a governing body that is responsible for deciding how to spend categorical money to improve the instructional program here at Cesar Chavez Middle School.

Please complete this google form with your interest to be a part of our council.

Family Engagement Opportunity- LOVE AND LOGIC

OUSD will again be offering three series of the Parenting the Love & Logic Way workshops this fall. Please see the attached flyers for more detailed information.

Love & Logic Workshop (Eng)

Love & Logic Workshop (Span)

Be sure your child comes prepared each day!

Please take time the night before to make sure your student has all of the necessary materials and supplies ready for school the next day. We do not want to interrupt their class time to come to the office for forgotten supplies from home. We will be limiting those times to nutrition break and lunch so please be sure they come prepared each day! Thank you ahead of time for your support!
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School Supplies

The following items are the basic items that all students should come to school with daily. Other items will be recommended specifically by teachers:

Chavez Student Planner (will be provided)

2”- 3” Binder and dividers for each class


Pencil sharpener with case


Loose-leaf notebook paper

5-6 1” Spiral notebooks

Earbuds for listening to instructional content/videos

Colored Pencils

Ball point pen in two colors

Glue stick

7th graders: additional 1” binder

OUSD is Committed to Safe and Secure Campuses

The Oceanside Unified School District is committed to maintaining safe and secure campuses in order to promote the health, and well-being of our students, families, and staff. The following prevention practices are in place to support the safety and security of our school.

  • In September, all of our staff will participate in an Active Assailant training where we will learn and practice response protocols for keeping our students safe in the unlikely situation involving an armed intruder.
  • Our school regularly practices disaster and evacuation drills with our students and staff, including a minimum of two lockdown drills per year.
  • OUSD partners with the Oceanside Police Department to provide four dedicated School Resource Officers (SRO) who are trained members of the National Association of School Resource Officers. The SROs will respond to any safety issues that arise at any of our schools.
  • OUSD employs a highly trained team of over 45 Campus Security who serve our middle schools, high schools, and Surfside Academy.
  • This summer, our administrative and custodial team led by the Student Services Coordinator, SRO(s) and OPD SWAT Officers conducted a comprehensive campus security walkthrough.
  • Our school has the Raptor Visitor Management System which tracks all visitors or volunteers entering campus. Authorized visitors are then presented with a clearly marked identification badge.
  • Our school has a comprehensive Crisis Response Plan that is reviewed annually with all staff, and placed in all classrooms, that details how to safely respond to specific emergency situations.

César Chávez Middle School

AVID National Demonstration School

A Two-Way Bilingual Immersion Pathway School

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Device Protection Plan Window

The window to purchase the optional Chrome Device Protection Plan is now open.

The cost is $20 and coverage includes, but is not limited to, accidental damage, spills, and cracked screens. Participation is optional but highly recommended. With this coverage, there is no out of pocket cost for repairs to the Chrome device. Repairs without the protection plan can run between $40 and $285.

Payment can be made online www.paypams.com or in person at the district office.

Additional details are available at www.oside.us/its or by calling 760-966-4098.

Updated OUSD Health and Safety Protocols

Face Coverings

Face coverings are recommended, but not required at OUSD schools or facilities, for students, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks are available upon request.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Individuals are expected to self screen for symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entering a OUSD school or facility.

Physical Distancing

There are no physical distancing requirements at this time, although students are encouraged to maintain personal space while on campus.


Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations are available throughout OUSD schools and facilities. OUSD will continue to promote safe hygiene practices with students.

Air Ventilation/Filtration

Air filtration systems are in place in all classrooms and office spaces. OUSD will continue to maximize the amount of outdoor air and/or use a ventilation system.

Students with a Positive Test

If your student has tested positive for COVID-19, they must stay home, and may return to school on day 6 with a negative antigen test taken on day 5 or after from the symptom onset, or from the positive test date if asymptomatic. At-Home COVID-19 test results meet the requirement for an antigen test result.

Without a negative test result, the student may return on day 11.

Students with Symptoms

If your student has symptoms of COVID-19, they must stay home, and should test for COVID-19. Students may return to school when they are fever-free with significantly reduced symptoms for 24 hours. Only positive test results are required to be provided to the school.

Students with Community Close Contact

Students who are exposed to an individual infected with COVID-19 outside of school should test for COVID-19 within 3-5 days after the last exposure regardless of vaccination status. Test results do not need to be shared with the school, unless positive. Potentially exposed students may continue to attend school and all extracurricular activities, unless symptoms develop. Masks are recommended through day 10 following the exposure.

Students with School Close Contact

OUSD utilizes a group contact tracing model recommended by the CDPH for students potentially exposed to an individual infected with COVID-19 at school. Families of potentially exposed students will be notified of the date of the exposure. Potentially exposed students test for COVID-19 within 3-5 days after the last exposure regardless of vaccination status. Test results do not need to be shared with the school, unless positive. Potentially exposed students may continue to attend school and all extracurricular activities, unless symptoms develop. Masks are recommended through day 10 following the exposure.

COVID-19 At-Home Test Kits

At-Home COVID-19 testing kits are available at all OUSD school health offices for students with symptoms or school close contact. At-Home COVID-19 test results meet the requirement for an antigen test result.


OUSD continues to partner with American Safety Group and Citadel Diagnostics to provide free & voluntary COVID-19 testing to students, staff, and community members.

The Single Most Important Skill You Can Teach Your Child

- by Bill Jackson August 10, 2017

Five years ago, Google executives were curious: Why did some Google teams perform well, while others stumbled? They hoped, by getting to the bottom of this question, to improve team performance and thus further boost the company’s already impressive achievements. Google was interested in performance at the team rather than individual level because research shows that nearly all important innovations are the product of two or more people working together, not of individuals working in isolation.

Success is a product of technical skill and emotional intelligence.

Google executives had long believed that building the best teams meant combining the best people. But, as Charles Duhigg described in a 2016 piece for The New York Times Magazine, when Google researchers began to dig into group performance, they discovered something different.

They found that the performance of teams had little to do with the accomplishment of individuals on the team. A group of high performers was no more likely to do great work as a team than a mixed group of mediocre and high performers.

What mattered more, they discovered, was the way team members treated each other. High-performing teams share two traits. First, group members all talk in roughly equal proportion. Nobody dominates the discussion and nobody is left out. Second, they are filled with people who are good at reading other people’s emotions and responding appropriately. They have high “social sensitivity,” meaning team members can discern how others feel based on their tone of voice and facial expressions.

Google still cares a lot about technical skills. But, increasingly, you won’t get hired at Google unless they also believe that you’ll be a good listener and show sensitivity to other people’s feelings and needs.

The more you invest in your child’s emotional intelligence, the more opportunity they will have

Happily, parents of young children are already interested in their children’s feelings. We parents already know our children need to learn how to understand other people’s feelings and respond appropriately.

The more we invest in helping our children learn these skills, the more opportunity they’ll have in the world — including at technology-oriented companies like Google. This is good to know in an era when we parents often hear, or think ourselves, “Empathy is great at home, but I want my child to be successful in the tough real world of business!” In fact, the skills that make our kids more human will also make them more valuable in the labor market.

As Geoff Colvin describes in his book Humans Are Underrated, the best companies are discovering that empathy and communication skills are critical to market success. The highest-performing teams often share emotional experiences, such as discussing deeply held beliefs or talking about teammates make each other feel.

“Now, as technology drives forward more powerfully every year,” Colvin writes, “the transition to the newly valuable skills of empathizing, collaborating, creating, leading, and building relationships is happening faster than corporations, governments, education systems, or most human psyches can keep up with.”1

Do this one thing

Help your child learn how to read other other people’s emotions and respond appropriately. Social sensitivity will help them make friends, build and keep strong relationships, and get hired at world-class organizations like Google.

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