Battle of Cambrai

November 20th-December 7th, Cambrai,France

Summary of the battle

The Battle of Cambrai was said to have began on the 20th of November at dawn. It involved the British offensive against the German counter-offensive. The battle is known as being the first to use large amounts of war tanks. By the end of the battle, the British had 44,000 casualties while the Germans experienced 45,000 losses. The British side was led by Sir Julian Byng against the German Commander Georg Von Der Marwitz. The British had a much larger advantage with an army built of 2 corps and 476 tanks, while the Germans only possessed 1 corps.

Tours places

The villages behind the front line of 20th November,build-up of Britsh forces,

Havrincourt , the village fell on 20th November

Flesquieres,This village fell on the 21st November to the 51st (Highland Division).

Bourlon Wood, advance of the British before the German counter-attack.

The southern end of the battlefield, the success of the German counter-offensive

The Louverval Memorial, for the missing from the Battle of Cambrai.

The eventual fall of Cambrai in 1918, as the Allied forces pushed the Germans back in the final advance to victory.

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Grill Nicolas Restaurant

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Hotel Beatus

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Chateau de la Motte Fenelon

By Christine Weidig and Josie Sutherland