Lord, make me pure of heart.

Help me to be a person of honesty and integrity.

May the truth that You place in my heart be the basis of my actions and my words.

May I always speak what you give me to speak.


Welcome to Week 9! On Friday, our Year 6 candidates, along with those from the parish, received the Sacrament of Confirmation. This was their final Sacrament of Initiation. The Very Reverend Father Vincent Glynn, Episcopal Vicar for Education and Faith Formation, celebrated the Mass for us and confirmed the candidates. Father Vincent spoke about being strengthened by the Spirit through Confirmation and being called to be witnesses. His message was an important one for all of us. Congratulations to all of the candidates who received this very special Sacrament!

Last week, we had our Ormond House assembly where our student leaders shared some information about Sr Natalie Ormond, one of our founding Sisters. Our school value that is linked to Ormond House is Integrity and we were given a reminder that, at St Paul's, we all strive to be people of integrity. Thanks for the reminder, Ormond House!

This week on Sunday (25/6) at 9:00am, we have our next Parish School Mass and the parish will be celebrating St Paul's Day. Please come along and join with our Catholic community for Mass. Morning tea will be served in the Barbier Hall following Mass.


Term 2 Week 9 Looking Back

LifeLink Launch

Our three House Captains from Year 6 recently represented St Paul's at the annual LifeLink Launch for Primary Schools and St Paul's held a Crazy Sock Day to raise money. Thanks for everyone's generous support! The money we raised goes towards the important work that the LifeLink agencies do in our community.

School Climate Survey

Last week, an email was sent to all parents with important information about our School Climate Survey for 2023. Thank you to those who have completed the survey. The survey provides us with important information about the climate at our school and helps identify focus points to use when planning our school improvement efforts.

If you haven't already completed the survey, please see the information in the letter below and complete the survey as soon as you can. The survey is due to close at the end of this week.

School Climate Survey 2023 Letter

Survey link:

School code: SPPSMPACS


Next week, our mid-year reports will be sent out via SEQTA Engage. Firstly, please make sure you are able to access SEQTA Engage prior to the end of the term. You will have set up a username when the invitation was first sent and if you cannot remember your password, there is a 'Forgot Password' link. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

In our Week 5 Newsletter, some important information was provided about reports. Please make sure you have read the information prior to the reports coming out as some important changes and considerations were outlined.

Pickup Lane

Pickup lane had been running quite smoothly for a while, however, there have been some parents who have slipped into habits that pose significant safety risks to our students and community.

Some parents have been once again queuing out of the pickup lane and down the street before the bell goes, blocking traffic and causing others to have to dangerously go onto the wrong side of the road to get around. Students do not get released from class until the bell goes at 3:00pm so PLEASE consider the local community and do not arrive early and queue, blocking the street.

We have also noted several occasions where people have become impatient and overtaken cars in the pickup lane, even to the point of mounting the curb to get around the witches hat that has been placed there. If you are using the pickup lane, PLEASE be patient as this represents another significant safety risk and we do not want someone to get hurt.

We appreciate your support with this as we keep the safety of our community in mind.

Celebrating Our School

Following the feedback we received from a recent survey about our upper primary experience and input from our School Advisory Council, some key messages were identified to showcase some of the main elements that we think make St Paul's the school of choice. Over the coming newsletters, I would like to share some of these messages and I hope our community can help get the message out about why our school is such a special place and the right choice to make.


The St Paul's community spirit is built on a strong foundation of pastoral care. Our staff, parish and parent body are integral to our close-knit community, where each student, and their family, is known and nurtured. St Paul's P&F champions a diverse range of social, sporting and community events which connect families and friends and network St Paul's to the broader community in meaningful ways.

I hear so often about how people are drawn to the unique experience of community at St Paul's. Several people have said that they do not think they could find a community like this elsewhere. Our small, pastoral community results in us knowing each of our students well.

The sense of belonging and community at St Paul's is very special and unique!

P&F Disco

A huge thank you goes to the team of parents headed up by Mrs Willcox who organised a fun session of dancing and games at our annual disco recently. The disco was really well attended and a lot of fun was had by all!

Building Project

Our building site was a hive of activity last week as the scaffolding was removed and the site cleared ready for the much-awaited steel delivery, which happened over the weekend. With the delays we have experienced so far, the revised forecast is that we should be in the first stage of the build by September and the second stage is then due for completion just before Christmas. Let's hope there are no further delays!

For those who got caught up in the confusion on Thursday afternoon when one of the trades arrived at the wrong time and left a large truck trailer in the street, impacting access to the drive-through at pickup time, please accept our apology. I have been in contact with the builder as well as the superintendent from our architect to address the issue and the safety concerns associated with it. Measures have been put in place to ensure this sort of thing does not happen again.

We appreciate everyone's patience while the building project is happening. The long-term gain will be well worth any disruption we are experiencing now.

I showed some images of what the buildings will look like from outside and inside when I ran the session on St Paul's and our upper primary experience a couple of weeks ago and I think we all agree, the learning spaces we are creating are exciting!

Have a great week!


Mr Pete Merry




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