Parent News Letter

Benefits of Technology in Middle School Classrooms

Why Use Technology?

Technology is integrated into a child's everyday life, from the click of the power button on the television to an individual swipe of an iPad screen. Children are exposed to multiple forms of technology that if used correctly can be beneficial to their education. Children can use apps on devices that promote learning such as interactive reading apps, mathematical games apps and puzzle apps that help children see patterns and determine missing pieces. These are all skills gained that a child will use for the rest of their life.

Interactive Forms of Technology

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of google's largest interactive platforms for individuals attempting to communicate with each other through an educational engine. Google Docs allows large groups of people to come together and collaborate on a document where every response is instantly seen. For example, students use Google Docs to communicate and collaborate together to complete things such as study guides, peer review papers and answers questions that students have amongst each other. Google Docs is an easy way to communicate because everything is live, every single letter typed is seen by other people on the document. Students get together and work together to solve problems and answer questions to better prepare themselves for the classroom.


YouTube is extremely beneficial to students who cannot grasp subjects. YouTube is filled with instructional videos that break down concepts that students may not understand in the classroom. YouTube videos can give students answers to problems from different perspectives that the teacher uses, it is easy to forget that not everyone learns the same way. YouTube has 1,000,000,000 monthly visitors with an array of different genres of videos. YouTube is extremely accessible with the use of a computer, smart phone or tablet.


Pinterest is an awesome interactive site that allows students to get their creative juices flowing! Pinterest grants students access to ideas to improve their visual representations on projects. Pinterest even offers teachers new ways and ideas to interact with their students to help them gain a better understanding of lessons. This site also can make learning fun because other teachers come together and share their ideas, which can spice up learning in the classroom!