New Technology for Our 5th Graders!

Technology Advancements at Smith Elementary School

Dear Parents:

We are excited to announce a new technology initiative for your students this upcoming school year. The administration at Smith Elementary has performed extensive research about the benefits of technology in learning environments. We want to assure you, that our initiative to improve technology use within our school will not distract the students. We plan to moderate the amount of technology used by our classrooms and only allow technology use that is beneficial to learning.

There are many types of technology that allow for Universal Design for Learning, which is designing classrooms to accommodate the various learning types that students possess. No two students are the same and by using technology in the classroom with our fifth graders, we hope to accommodate all learning styles that benefit our students.

As we begin this new initiative, we are pleased to inform you that each fifth grade student will be provided a laptop. These laptops have security measures to prevent children from any harmful or dangerous parts of the Internet. While students will be allowed to take home the laptops, these security measures will be kept on the laptops no matter where they are taken. We encourage the students to use the laptops for any necessary homework and extra learning.

Below, you will find several resources that you might find beneficial for your child to use over the summer. We hope that you can partner with us to best prepare your student to succeed with technology in the classroom!


Smith Elementary School Administration

Additional Resources