By: Izzy Veloz

Drama- story enacted on stage for live audience.

The word "drama" comes from a Greek word named "dran" which means to do and it is a verb. The first known plays were written somewhere around the fith century, made for festivals to honor Dionysus who is the God of wine and fertility.

If you've ever seen a play you go for entertainment some are comedies some are tragedies some are modern drama there are so many different types. Comedies are plays that ends with everyone being happy mostly focused on a romantic topic. Tragedies are plays that most of the time end unhappily. No matter what type of play or is or what the topic is about ever single play has a conflict. Or what we call the climax point. The conflict point is the point where it gets everyone to the seat of their chairs. The interesting tension that happens. The struggle or clash between characters.

When your just sitting down in the darkness watching a play all you see is them acting things out. It looks easy right? Well it's not. Some people take months to put up plays. You have to learn a ton of lines and make your costumes and learn how to do make up. You have to most importantly know stage directions. Stage directions are terms the actors use to make it easier to put on the play. You have to have a huge amont of different props. It depends on what your play is about. The most important thing is the audience. They're the ones that sit and watch you.

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