St.Patrick Catholic School

Weekly Bulletin-December 10th 2021

Third week of Advent-JOY! December 12th- December 18th

Joy is a good feeling in our souls produced by the Holy Spirit as He causes us to see the beauty of Jesus in His Word and in His works. Joy is what we are celebrating this week of Advent. Joy is what we are to ask the Holy Spirit for. The bible says… THE JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH.
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Please help us fill our Giving Tree!

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Important Information on Cookie Decorating

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Upcoming Events


  • Monday 13th- Grade 3 Advent Assembly led by 4Sharek
  • Friday 17th- Last day before Christmas Break- Spin the wheel, cookie decorating and PJ Day


  • Monday 3rd- First day back to school after Christmas Break
  • Thursday 6th- Early Dismissal
  • Thursday 20th- School Council Meeting
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Greeting Card Contest

Congrats to the winners of the St. Patrick School Greeting Card Contest. Thanks goes out to Mrs.Charchun, Cst.Fernhout and Fr.Kris for being the judges. A special thanks to our School Council for sponsoring the prizes for the winners.

St.Pat's Kids are Leaders!

Students at St.Pats continue to build their leadership skills by leading morning announcements and sharing Friday Joke of the Day.
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Face to Face Ministries

Friday, students and staff grew in their faith with Face to Face Ministries. Students were able to enjoy a whole school virtual presentation and grade level in person presentations.
Face to Face Ministries
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Winter Art and Writing

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Nature Kindergarten- Taking our Learning Outside

This early years enrichment opportunity allows children to spend the vast majority of their day outside, engaged in meaningful ways with their body, mind and spirit while located in a natural setting. We offer this program every Friday of the Tuesday/Thursday KG class.

St.Pat's Parts Play

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As part of our ongoing open engagement with our EICS community, we invite you to participate in developing our 2022-2026 Division Education Assurance Plan.

In Alberta, school boards are responsible for providing assurance to their stakeholders that they are fulfilling their responsibilities, meeting the needs of students, and enabling their success. The key to building public assurance is engaging with our education partners in the Division’s planning and reporting cycle. The parent, student, and EICS community voices are integral to building this plan and help create a culture of continuous improvement.

EICS will be engaging with our communities beginning December 1, 2021, through the ThoughtExchange online engagement process. It is a very easy and open thought process with only two questions to prompt discussion, collect input, and a starring process to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

To participate in the ThoughtExchange, please click on the following link:

The exchange will close on December 15th and will be the starting point for the ongoing analysis by the EICS Board of Trustees and EICS leadership in creating the 2022-2026 Division Education Assurance plan.

Many thanks for your participation. Ted Paszek, Chair
EICS Board of Trustees

School Attendance

A reminder for all families that the AHS Daily Assessment needs to be completed and actioned each morning prior to coming to school. If your child is experiencing symptoms please choose:

  1. “Flu-like symptoms”

  2. “other illness or injury” If they are experiencing symptoms that you do not deem to be flu-like, or your child has a medical appointment.

  3. “parent excused.” If your child is experiencing no symptoms at all, please choose this. The parent excused absence should only be chosen if you are keeping your child home for a reason that does not pertain to a medical issue. (i.e dance competition)

The child’s attendance is a parent’s indication that this has been completed and the child is able to come to school. Once this messaging is sent out, we should not normally be following up with parents who select parent excused as an absence code. Asking for a medical note for a pre-existing condition should also only occur in rare cases in consultation with admin.

Our guideline for how we handle students with presenting symptoms during the day is the AHS Daily Assessment. If you have any questions, please speak to your admin.

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We are giving out a large number of masks each week. Please send a mask/face covering or two with your child each day they come to school. If your child comes to school without a mask/face covering multiple days in a row we will be calling home for someone to bring them a mask/face covering.

Hot Lunch

Hot lunch orders will start on the 5th of December and close on midnight on the 15th.

January 7 is East Side Marios

SCHOOL PATROL-in front of school

Our School Safety Patrollers are out in front of the school before and after school now to help our students and parents get across the road safety . Please be sure to use the crosswalk when crossing your child. Crossing the road between buses can be very dangerous and lead to serious injury.

Also please make sure your child is using the cross walk at the back of the school on 54th Ave. It is a busy road and the using the crosswalk is the safest way for your child to cross the road.

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