CNP News

Week of September 24th, 2018

Tier Time

I would like to meet this week with your grade level during collaboration time to start figuring out Tier time. We will use NWEA data as well as your input as to what we need to be working on to help our students become successful!

SAT (M.T.S.S.)

No matter what the state calls it this is where we come together and help you help students. If you have students who are struggling with academics or behavior please talk to Mrs. Folland or myself and we'll get a meeting scheduled to try and help. Remember placing students in the hall or segregating them for extended periods of time in the classroom is NOT a viable option. We need to work together to find a solution. You don't have to do it alone, let other professionals help you!

Mr. Morgan Gone for Meetings

Just a heads up that I will be out of the building all day on Tuesday for a coaching reading and writing workshop and Wednesday for IPLI. If you need me during this time I'll be available by email or text 260-894-5207

Upcoming Morning Meetings

Monday: 1st grade tier time meeting in Mrs. Fleetwood's room.

Thursday: 2nd grade tier time meeting in Mrs. Gramling's room.

Friday: K tier time meeting in Mrs. Shaw's room.

Important Dates:

09/25: 2nd Grade to Purdue Fort Wayne

10/02: 2nd Grade to Roberts Pumpkin Farm

10/03: Indianapolis Opera 'Not-So Ugly Duckling' @ 9:30

10/03: Mobile Dentist Cleaning Services

10/11: Mobile Dentist Restorative Services

10/24: Fall Break

10/25: Fall Break

10/26: Fall Break

11/20: 2nd Grade to Honeywell Center in Wabash

12/13: 2nd Grade Music Program

**If you have important dates please send them to me and I'll add them here!**