April 20-24, 2015

Reaching for the Stars

It has been a year filled with learning for all. Implementing VESTED model in our lessons, Guided Reading, Interactive Read Alouds, New Math TEKs, etc. We would like to thank all staff members and students for doing your absolute best. This week our third and fourth grade students will show what they know and they will raise to the occasion. We are proud and confident they will excel and NRES will continue to earn distinctions like we did last year. Again, thank everyone for your hard work!

It's Written in the STAARs!

On, Tuesday, April 21 and Wednesday, April 22, 3rd and 4th grade students will be taking the Math and Reading Assessments. All hallways except the Kindergarten one will be used for testing. Please make sure to cover hallways or take down any student work from the walls by Friday, April 17. During these days, please ensure students do not play around the building during recess to provide the best testing environment.

LUNCH SCHEDULE GRADE 3 IN THE CAFETERIA: Bernadette, Ruby, Kelly L and Sandra A will cover lunch duty. Test administrators will have 30 minute lunch during this time as well.

o Armoogam 12:00

o Manjarrez/Gonzalez 12:00

o Kneblik/ Schoepflin 12:05

o Albritton 12:05


o Quijano/Rodriguez – Ford - 12: 45

o Baldwin – Namchick 12:50

o Robertson 12:55

Co-Curr Schedule changes:

o 8:15 – 9:10 1st grade

o 9:15 – 10:10 Kinder

o 10:15 – 11:10 2nd grade

o 1:45 – 2:40 4th or 3rd grade

o 4th grade will go to Co-Curr on Tuesday, April 21

o 3rd grade will go to Co-Curr on Wednesday, April 22

Co-Curr teachers will report to the cafeteria from 12:10 to 1:05 and will monitor silent lunch.

Summer School Job Opportunities

Got an Idea?

The Keller ISD-Hudson Foundation Transformation Projects are back and looking for your unique and exciting ideas for Keller ISD!

Open to all Keller ISD employees, applications will be accepted April 1-19.

The M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation has funded more than $250,000 in projects for the District over the past six years, and is again committed to making employees' innovative ideas for Keller ISD a reality.

Click here to visit the Transformation Projects page and learn more about how to apply!

Great Job: Instructional Rounds Results!

After the 8 teams observed classrooms there were several reflections they wanted to leave with our campus:

Great Things Happening at NRES:

  • PBIS going well within the implemented areas.
  • Students were well-behaved.
  • Anchor charts were visible but rarely referenced to further or bolster student learning.

Other Observations:

  • Many classrooms had desks arranged for group work (in groups of two, three or fours) but the students worked independently a majority of the time.
  • During the class instruction time, 50% of the time teachers were talking, 7% of the time were spent in transition work (get your materials, books, procedures to do work) and 43% of the time students were talking (the answers were in simple responses (yes/no, multiple choice, etc.).

Observations for improvements:

  • Recommend additional PD in the use of Comprehension Toolkit to assist with improving vocabulary and comprehension.
  • There was a direct correlation between student engagement and the level of Bloom's Taxonomy (level of the academic task/activity assigned).
  • Teacher proximity determined the level of student engagement in the room. When teachers are up actively monitoring the room asking and asking questions then student behavior is appropriate, engaged and learning is focused.

According to Edutopia, the solution is simple: If a teacher wants to increase student engagement, then the teacher needs to increase student activity -- ask the students to do something with the knowledge and skills they have learned. Break up the lecture with learning activities. Let them practice. Get them moving. Get them talking. Make it so engaging that it will be difficult for students not to participate.

The ultimate engagement is to put the learner in charge of learning. Create a rich learning environment and a motivation to learn, and the students do all the hard work of learning, while the teacher merely facilitates.

Reminders and Expectations!

  • April 24: Grades are due!

  • April 27: Keta Dodson will be onsite Monday, April 27th in the Teacher Lounge between 10:30 & 1:05 for those that are interested in talking with her about online degree programs. Stop by to learn more and to grab a treat as well.

  • April 27: Eduphoria SML Refresher 3:30 p.m.

  • April 30: Pink/Blue Cards and EOY checklist will be distributed

  • May 4-15: Grades 3-4 AIMSweb EOY Testing Window

  • May 5: Register for Keller University in EDUPHORIA after today!

  • May 5: Science Night

  • May 8: Last day for student checkout. PLEASE DO NOT ASSIGN ANY PROJECTS THAT NEED LIBRARY BOOKS AFTER May 8th.

  • May 11: Eduphoria SML Refresher 3:30 p.m.

  • May 13: Career Day

  • May 15: FHMS Traveling Show @ 1:30 p.m. (all grades)

  • May 15: All library books returned to Library. Students will NOT be able to participate in Field Day unless their library account is CLEAR.

  • May 19: PTA Yearbook Signing
  • May 21: 4th Grade Program
  • May 26: Eduphoria SML Refresher 3:30 p.m.
  • June 2: Kindergarten Graduation

  • Homework Reminder: Don't forget to bring a sample of your students' QUICK WRITE to Session 2 of Make Up PD Training.

Resigning from a Respective Employment Contract

All contracted employees under a Probationary, Continuing or Term Contract, as per Board Policy DFE (Legal), may resign from their respective employment contract without penalty by filing a written resignation not later than the 45th day before the first day of instruction for the 2015-16 school year. This year’s deadline is July 10, 2015. Because the resignation deadline date occurs during the time that the district will be closed, resignations must be hand delivered to Human Resources by close of business on Thursday, July 9, 2015 (4:00 p.m.) or mailed USPS and postmarked by July 10, 2015.

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Door Readiness Check

North riverside Elementary School - 4/12/2015

By: Chris Fillmer

50 Doors checked

96% locked (48 doors)

2 Door unlocked (4%)

Outstanding results. Great Job!!! Keep this up. BEST IN THE DISTRICT!!!!!!!!!

List of findings and suggestions.

- Library, cafeteria and music room now have panic bar straps installed

- All discrepancies from last visit have been addressed and fixed.

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The spirit stick attendance winner will be the classroom with best unexcused attendance. In case of a tie, the classroom with the least number of tardies will be recognized. In the event tardies are the same then the number of students in the class will be the deciding factor.

Kinder: Ms. Bryant

First: Ms. Roberts

Second: Ms. Quimbay

Third: Ms. Manjarrez

Fourth: Ms. Rodriguez (No tardies)

Answer the Question, Please!


"I believe that our visit from the cow along with the lesson it provides is a wonderful learning opportunity and I appreciate someone going to the trouble to schedule this for us. However, I believe it would be nice for the date to not be so close to STAAR testing days in the future. The days right before testing are so busy with last minute reviews that it is stressful for our time to be taken away by an outside event"

Answer When planning for this event the only date available for the cow to come was that Friday. We understand this is a stressful time but at the same time it allows for a break for students and staff .

Where is Everyone this Week?

April 20-24: Everyone on Campus!

Staff Birthdays

McGinty, Megan 21-Apr

Roberts, Kelly 26-Apr

Schoepflin, Candace 29-Apr

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