10 Days of Happiness @ LTN354


10 Day Countdown to Winter Break

Welcome back to another strong week at LTN354!

Last week began with a call to action for our students and teachers of grades 3-5. The assembly concluded with a promise of improved behavior from students and the unspoken agreement of forgiveness from our teachers. Many teachers took advantage of this moment to reset their frustration level with student misbehavior and refocused their attentions on the enormous academic challenges revealed by the Georgia Milestones EOG results. With over 70% of our students falling into the developing and beginning learner category, there are very serious instructional implications for our teaching staff and our student population. Moving forward, we will be discussing the instructional shifts that LTN will embrace as we continue to align our teaching practices to meet the demands of the new standards.

By the end of the week, I was reminded of what this time of year means to so many children across the world. In a time when most educators are pacing themselves to wind down for the holidays, our children are simply preparing for a magical time of happiness and fantasy that can only come from the Holidays. On Friday, I was asked if I thought Santa was real... I was very careful in my response. "It's whatever you believe," I said. In reflection, I think he wanted to know if he would be blessed this year, despite all that he has endured this difficult season. This might be a good time for us to remember that the holidays can be a time of great stress for students and families as they are hoping to participate fully in the magic of the season. Unfortunately, too many of our children are also having to cope with the hard reality that presents, fun, food, lights, heat, and even Santa might not be available this season. How might you react if you had to face that challenge? How can our classrooms be a place of refuge for our children? What classroom norms and routines have you put in place to support the socio-emotional wellbeing of our children? Does yelling at a student when he/she breaks a classroom rule help to resolve the situation? What impact can we all have on the level of happiness our children experience while they are with us?

Last week also marked the beginning of our Hallway Etiquette protocols. Teachers did an outstanding job of providing passes for students as they traveled the hallways. Keep up the great work. Moving forward, please ensure that you are minimizing the need for students to take independent breaks by providing whole class breaks in the morning and afternoons. Please ensure that you are communicating with your teammates to provide staggered timeframes for bathroom breaks. This will reduce the likelihood of congestion and noise in the hallways. Silent passage will remain the expectation for the duration of the year. Students will care when you show that you care. Thank you to the overwhelming majority of teachers who aggressively enforced the expectation of silence in the hallway by providing warnings and consequences for non-compliance. Thank you for modeling respect for your colleagues as they are teaching throughout the day. Keep up the strong work, teachers!

Red, Yellow, Green Behavior Management @ LTN354:

Select students at LTN will receive our Tier two behavior charts and folders that will track performance across all educational settings. These charts are aligned to our three core values and RYG management system. These students will earn daily incentives as well as a weekly celebration for their effort and achievement. Mrs. Jordan will be meeting with teachers of those identified students. Early congratulations to our students for their behavioral growth!

Safety Patrols are coming to LTN354:

Select students from grades four and five have been nominated by their teachers to interview for the privilege of upholding our core values. Once selected, these student leaders will meet with our school counselor to receive training and ongoing support. Student interviews begin this week and final decisions will be made by Friday, Dec. 11.

December 18, PBIS: Ice Cream Soul Train & Holiday Class Parties:

More details are forthcoming. Continue to encourage our students to display positive behavior in order to participate

Holiday class parties: Teachers can engage in classroom activities that celebrate the winter season.

Message from our Literacy Department:

Prepare Students for DIBELS MOY K-3:

To prepare for DIBELS MOY, we need a strong push in fluency for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders. The DORF, DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency measure, is given to first graders for the first time in January. It's a BIG shocker for many of our first grade students.

Second and third graders often struggle on the DORF too primarily because they might be reading accurately, but they are slow. We need to support second and third graders on fluency to boost their speed. Every child needs to know how many words they can read in one minute.

Literacy Circles PD: Tuesday, December 8 in the Media Center

The Literacy Leadership Team will be conducting the PD: The Power of Literacy Circles for our Power Hour teachers who are teaching levels Q – V.

Reminder: Progress Monitoring or High Frequency Words

Be sure to complete PM for High Frequency Words by COB on Wednesday, December 9th. The data forms are due to Ms. Cannon by COB on Thursday, December 10. Please send them via email.

Weekly Overview:

Monday, Dec. 7

Admin. Meeting 3-4:30 pm

Tuesday, Dec. 8

Collaborative Planning (K-5). Agendas and supporting documents will be emailed to teachers tomorrow.

Wednesday, Dec. 9

Guided Reading Site Visit from SLC literacy support personnel (7:45-12:00 pm)

LLT meeting in the Media Center at 3:00 pm

Friday, Dec 11

Love T. Nolan Elementary school has been selected as a Winner of the 2015 CRICKET WIRELESS GO POSITIVE CAMPAIGN!

We were nominated by-PAGE TURNERS MAKE GREAT LEARNERS READ-A-THON! for the work that we have been doing to impact the community positively through Literacy. We are being rewarded a monetary gift of $1000, on behalf of the above nominated program PAGE TURNERS MAKE GREAT LEARNERS READ-A-THON.

A check presentation assembly in the gymnasium is scheduled for Friday morning from 8:30 -9:00 a.m. On Saturday, Dec. 19th from 2-4pm, the Cricket Wireless store in Riverdale along with V103 FM will be hosting the Rock and Read Holiday Jam. Staff and students are encouraged to participate in this live event. Giveaways and celebrity guest appearances will take place in this event. More details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned and congratulations LTN!!!