Mark Twain's Life

By: Brooks Erickson


  • His name was Samuel L. Clemens when he was born.
  • He was born in Florida, MO.
  • He was born on November 30, 1839.
  • He was the 6th born of 7 children.
  • He was born into a poor family.

Early Childhood

  • His family moved to Hannibal, MO when he was four.
  • His father was a farmer and a shopkeeper until he died in 1847.
  • He dropped out of school to support his family.
  • He was a steamboat pilot, a printer and he also had many other jobs.
  • He won the chance to serve as a foreign corespondant for San Fransisco's Alta California in 1867.


  • He married Olivia Langdon from Elmira, NY.
  • They moved to Buffalo, NY where he became an editor for the Buffalo Express.
  • They were married for 34 years.
  • They had three girls Susy, Clara and Jean and one son Langdon.
  • He calle.d his wife Lady Like LIvy


  • His first book was Innocents abroad.
  • In 1871 he moved his family to Hartford to me closer to his publisher.
  • In Hartford he published Roughing It in 1871
  • He wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in 1876.
  • He wrote Huckleberry Finn in the house in Hartford.
  • He wrote A Connecticut Yankee King in King Authors Court.


  • He dropped out of school when his dad died.
  • He dropped out so he could support his family.


  • Lecturing
  • Making people laugh
  • Writing about his adventures
  • Journilism
  • Family


  • Huckleberry Finn
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Roughing It
  • Innocents Abroad
  • Connecticut Yankee King in King Authors Court