Comparing & Contrasting Fairytales.

Yeh - Shen .VS. Cinderella.

Similarities & Differences.

Simlarities: Wanted to go somwhere spechial place, got married,had stepsister (s) & stepmother,had a slipper.

Differences:Ciderella had 2 stepsisters,Yeh -shen didn't. Yeh - shen had magic fish bones, Ciderella had a godmother, Ciderella married a prince, Yeh - shen married a king.

Summery of Yeh - shen.

Her stepmother was cruel & made her a maiden,Her stepsister is going to the festival with the stepmom,The golden slipper fit her, stepmother & stepsister are forced to live in their cave home.

Story elemets of Yeh - shen

  • Characters: Yeh - Shen, stepmother, stepsister, prince, king,magical fish, & old man.
  • Theme:It doesn't matter how someone looks, you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be kind to others.
  • Setting: Cave home, place, festival, and the pond.
  • Conflict: Yeh - Shen wanted to go to the festival but stepmother said to stay & make sure nobody stole anything.

Summry Of Ciderella

Her father remarried after his first wife died. He married a rude women.They became invited to a ball. Her stepsisters kept telling her to help them for the ball. The slipper fit Cinderella, the stepmother & stepsisters begged for forgiveness and she did.

Story elemets of Ciderella

  • Characters: Cinderella, stepsisters, stepmom, dad, fairy godmother, & prince
  • Theme: You should ALWAYS be kind & treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Setting: Her home, ball, palace.
  • Conflict: Wants to go to ball but,stepmom and stepsisters will not let her.


By: Karyna Elizabeth Baker, Thank you for reading!