How we can fix our deforestation dilemma.

EVERY hour at least 4,500 acres of forest fall to chainsaws, matches, flames, or bulldozers.
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Why is Deforestation Bad?

Deforestation is one main source of global warming, but it also presents other downsides. 70% of the world’s species live in forests, and are losing habitats. Without homes to live in, or food to eat, the animals will die, leading to extinction. This can rip a huge hole in the food chain. Trees also support the water cycle. They do stuff that helps the air quality, and make it easier to breathe. One reason why we keep cutting down trees, is for paper, house building materials, and sometimes family businesses. Another is for livestock and grazing, or maybe a village, or road.

How Can YOU Help?

WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS STOP. There are 5 great ways that we can make it happen.

FIND SOMETHING ELSE. If we can figure out a way to make paper out of something else, we will reduce the forest land that we use.

RECYCLE. Recycling paper and other wood items allow us to use them again, instead of having to cut down another tree to make more.

DON’T WASTE. Every piece of paper we waste, is another we have to make. If you print an extra piece of paper in my CTE class, my teacher will say, “Now you killed a baby tree.” That is somewhat true. We would have to cut down extra trees, and we don’t want that.

PRESERVE LAND. This is what national, and state parks are. They are pieces of beautiful, untouched land that we have kept wild. They are protected by the government and used as a special sanctuary for animals. if we have more of them, we keep more land, more trees, more animals, more nature altogether. The last way to fix the deforestation problem, is to...

TRY TO FIX WHAT WE DID. We can plant new, healthy trees in places that need it. Make homes for animals that have lost them. Clean polluted water and replace some farmland. But this wont fix everything. Life Science; Deforestation reports, “Even though reforestation will help, it won’t solve everything. They can’t sequester all of the CO2 that we are emitting into the air. They also cannot bring back extinct animals that have died because of deforestation.” Even though that is true, we can fix this problem we have created, and help the world recover. Make projects to plant trees. You may only be one person, but when you gather your friends, family, and spread the word, you can change the world.

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Positive Reinforcement Brainstorm.

- I need to show them that deforestation DOES have a solution.

- We NEED to recycle and reuse anything we can.

- National Parks show us how beautiful the world is.

- Lets build new homes for animals, and make them happy.

- We will show the world that the environment is WORTH SAVING.

Negative Reinforcement Brainstorm.

- A tree with the plants and animals that live there. We lose all of it to chainsaws, and fire.

- Show the world in flames. Trees help global warming.

- We trade used air with trees. Without them, we die.

- The size of Panama is cut out of the forests every day.

- What does the world look like without forests?


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