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By: Reporter Abby

Blind boy found on cay named "Devils Mouth" for 5 months interview.

R: Hello boy, please state your name.
P: Phillip Enright sir.
R: Okay Phillip, how did you end up on that cay?
P: Well, my mom and I were sailing for Virginia, I thought it was gonna be a normal day in till the Germans or Nazis came.
R: What happened then?
P: They launched missiles at us and hit our boat. I hit my head on solid debris.
R: At that point you lost you memory.
P: I got knocked cold out by hitting my head.
R: What happened next?
P: I woke up on a raft with a soft black and grey cat and Timothy.
R: Was this the black man?
P: Yes sir.
R: Okay so you hit your head wood and end up on a raft, how did you end up on that cay?
P: Well I then woke up in complete darkness, Timothy told me it was 10:00AM. That's when I knew I was blind.
R: Okay go on.
P: Timothy spotted a cay with palm tree and fishing holes across the cay. I was not sure about it at first but he got us on any ways.
R: Tell us about the big storm.
P: Well, Timothy said it sounded like shots across the water, I thought it was rescue. Then winds got stronger and stronger. He was like a dome when he was protecting me. The storm was so strong that it ripped are tattered clothes. After the storm Timothy was slowly dieing of pain.
R: How did you survive on a cay for so long as a blind boy?
P: I found food in our fishing holes and ate a lot of coconut.
R: And that is were the story ends?
P: Yes sir.

Timothys Obiturary

Timothy had no last name nor age. He was a very strong man and died protecting Phillip Enright. He used his body as a sheild and saved a young boy from a deadly storm. His body was torn like ribbons and bows. he lived ????-1942. The young boy said he was in his 60's or 70's and cared a lot about other people. In order to honer Timothy, come to cross church at 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM.

Women doing a mans job? Japan bombed Pearl Harbor? America joins WW2?

That's right folks, America has joined WW2. But who will do the fighting, hard working mans job? That's right husbands, your wife is building bullets and guns for you.

Last week, the Japanese apart of the Nazis drop a bomb on Pearl Harbor! My response to that was what the heck was Adolf was thinking. Yes folks, I am American and Hawaii is a different country, it is protected by the US. That is what made America join WW2!! Can you believe this!! Nether can I!

Willemstad weather

WW2 cartoon

What does this photo mean? That these women are gonna help them fellahs fly!

Need a job?

  • Bullet builder at Johns Bullets
  • Tacky's Diner needs a buss boy
  • Sally's salon needs a hair dresser
  • Eagles crops needs cashier

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Next week is the big baseball little game! Come to support!