Terra Nova

Everybody can achieve and succeed.

Terra Nova

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Terra Nova

Terra Nova bans all people with less than average IQ, we want intellectuals only. Also, anyone who is sexist, racist, a murderer or a rapist will be ejected from our society and into the vacuum of space. There is a democracy in place where every vote is counted, usually change is made with compromises. And people over the age of 65 can not run for office.

We live on a planet 3.8 light years away from earth, each family or person has living space. You automatically have space depending on how many people are living there in that space, but you can upgrade if you are willing to spend the money.

Everybody has a home, even if some have better homes. And education is free. The teachers are only the best and paid by the government and our taxes.

Why we exist

Terra Nova exists so we can be free from oppression, stupid people, and to achieve equality in opportunity.

If you come, you're great

Everyone who comes to Terra Nova will get land and a free education. Also every voice is heard here, so you'll never have to worry about the government ignoring your argument. And you are only surrounded by people who are average or above, so you don't have to worry about dealing with the dumb people or the suppressors in the world because we don't accept them here.

American Dream

Terra Nova is trying to achieve the American dreams of equality and liberty. Ẃe are trying to achieve equality by banning any form of oppression and banning all people who are oppressors. Though all people will not be equal in all senses, they will be equal in rights and opportunity. Opportunity is achieved by having free education for all and free minimum living space (which can be upgraded). We are trying to achieve liberty giving everybody rights, which if violated by people, those people will be thrown out.

Fahrenheit 451 was trying to achieve liberty and equality by mind numbing everyone so they didn't have to think much, and therefore couldn't offend other people. They made everybody equal in there sense of thinking about things because almost everybody was very mind numbed.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

Terra Nova can be compared to the society in the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Much like the book, Terra Nova doesn't allow people to do certain things, like making racist jokes, which offends people and makes a joke out of them. Bradbury does something similar in his book, by getting rid of books so nobody would be offended. However, the point in Terra Nova is so no one is biased against them or thinks of them as a lesser human. Whereas in Fahrenheit 451 it is so no one is offended by anything. Also like Bradbury's book Terra Nova doesn't like radicals and will take action against them. Montag was a radical person who wanted change in their society, and he wanted it now. His society didn't like him much, and Terra Nova doesn't like people who want to force change immediately either. We prefer a more civilized way, of talking, debating, and compromising. Unlike Fahrenheit 451, the intellectual is valued in our society. Bradbury's society wanted everyone to be mind numbed and not think much. Which is why Millie could never remember what she was watching on the TV walls, because they were so un-thought provoking and mind dulling. But here in Terra Nova the intellectual is the basis of our society. Everybody must be average IQ or above to get in. We don't want the stupid people who can't think for themselves and don't know how to converse, we want people who can be independent and think for themselves. Exactly the opposite of Fahrenheit, we want people to think and be intelligent.

Potential Issues

The government may not change much to the people's will because it was made to bend to everybody's will, which means if an almost equal amount of people really disagree on something and can't come to a compromise, nothing will be done.

People not being able to come to a compromise might revolt against that issue or try to force change.

People who want change, but no one else does, might force people to agree with them or try to force the change.

Addressing Issues and those who cause them

To address the issues Terra Nova might face we will put those who want to use force to change, instead of peace, in a holding cell and inject them with a calming serum. If they act up after that we will send them back to Earth.


The government may have a hard time making change if every vote is counted and compromises are made to make everyone happy. It could take years to make one simple change.

Certain things are off limits for subjects to talk about, like oppressing people in jokes or in conversation, making freedom of speech not so free.


If a person wants to leave the society they can, we will provide a shuttle to take them back to earth.

People who may not like Terra Nova

Terra Nova could be considered a dystopia by people who have a low IQ, white people who think they are better than everyone else, men who think women are worthless, men who say "not all men", murderers, rapists, sexists, racists, Hitler, people who work in extremes, people who don't compromise, people who want change immediately, old people running for office, radicals,