Poverty in the 6ix

The Heart of Toronto

The Problem

There is a large amount of people living on the streets in Toronto, and there is only so much help for them. This flyer is meant to alert people on the issue and help those in need.

The Stats

Estimated number of homeless people sleeping outdoors and in emergency shelters, Violence Against Women shelters, and in health and correctional facilities in Toronto was about 5,253.

Estimated number of people sleeping rough in April 2013 was 447

Seven percent of homeless people served time in the Canadian Armed Forces

33 percent of outdoor homeless who self-identify as Aboriginal

What does poverty look like?

End Poverty in Toronto

Where does the homeless population turn to when in need?

There are many homeless shelters and support centers across Toronto that can help find shelter, jobs, medical and social assistance. A list of these services can be found here. Please choose the service appropriate to your circumstance (e.g. male, female, youth, family, etc)


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