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The legalization of Mixed Martial Arts in New York

About Mixed Martial Arts...

Modern mixed martial arts is a sport that has similarities with Pankration due to the combination of techniques. The core of MMA consists of boxing, as well as kick boxing and muaythai , wrestling , grappling and judo. Although Pankration was significantly different from MMA in the sense that the ancient sport largely lacked rules, the athletic challenge that comes from combining a wide range of techniques spurs just as much interest today as it did in ancient times.
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Mixed Martial Arts in New York

Mixed Martial Arts is catching everyone's attention recently as it continually grows nationwide. Mixed Martial Artists on it way to being legalized in New York and several other states in the United States. Should Mixed Martial Arts be legal? Will Mixed Martial Arts make an impact on the United States in a negative way if it is to be legalized? I believe in the event that the legalization of MMA does occur, creating the appropriate rules and code of conduct for the sport would as a matter of fact benefit the sport as well as the economy in the New York area.

Protection of the people...

New York being a very highly populated place, comes with having a high crime rate. Mixed Martial Arts can help protect the people of New York and give them the confidence to walk down the streets without the worry of maybe being attacked or robbed at every corner. The most important positive impact of legal Mixed Martial Arts, in my eyes, is that this sport will give people the ability to defend themselves in difficult situations. If someone was to try and attack or rob an innocent person, if this person had a background of any Mixed Martial Arts training, it would give them the ability to defend themselves while they were in danger. Even if an innocent by standard had any kind of Mixed Martial arts training they would be able to help the victim that was in the difficult situation. This could even prevent from woman being raped, if they feared that they were in danger Mixed Martial Arts could save them from being severely harmed in any way.

Economic benefits...

Bringing professional Mixed Martial Arts to New York has been proven to generate $135 million dollars in economic revenue around the state. The UFC released an independant report constructed by hr & a advisors showing the effect of Mixed Martial Arts legalization in the state of New York. The opening of Mixed Martial Arts gyms will generate a large portion of that revenue alone. All of the economic benefits that could come to the city as a result of Mixed Martial Arts is astronomical. These benefits include the profit from local MMA matches, the opening of MMA gyms, paying customers from those gyms, and profit from tourists coming to see the matches.

Tourist opportunities...

Mixed Martial Arts matches will create more tourist opportunities with the growing population of fans in the region. Even canadians can be added to the lists of tourist, due to the fact that canada is in such close proximity to New York. Fans from all over the country will have the ability to visit matches and tournaments, while also being able to visit the city.

More girls close contact sports...

If legalization of the sport was in the close future more and more girls would be wanting to join. Girls close contact sports, such as wrestling, judo, greco, and MMA have been a very low population. In the event that a girl was able to participate in Mixed Martial Arts this would give her options for scholarships, colleges,and even future employment. On the occasion of Mixed Martial Arts being legalized, the opportunity for another girls sport will give many an opportunity they could have never imagined.

College opportunities...

Colleges in the area would also like to add Mixed Martial Arts into their athletic departments. This would give a great amount of students to add another sport to their options among the other sports. Having Mixed Martial Arts in colleges will over all benefit todays incoming adults, making the more versatile in the evolving world we live in.

In conclusion...

In conclusion, the legalization of Mixed Martial Arts has countless amounts of benefits and can give numerous amounts of people the chance to do many things. These are the reasons I believe MMA should be legalized in New York. If you agree and would like to help with the legalization in the New york area or in your area please write or get in touch with your local congress many, woman or just spread the word.






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