Communication and Collaboration

Using Modern Technology in a 9th Grade Class

A Modern Look to the Classroom!

This year our 9th grade class will be integrating technology into the classroom to help with communication and collaboration between the teacher and other students. Integrating technology in the classroom is imperative for the interest and learning of digital natives. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, digital natives refers to the generation of kids who grew up using technology; they have a desire to explore and create new ideas through the use of technology inside and outside the classroom. When students can appropriately use technology inside and outside of the classroom to communicate and collaborate with each other, they are more capable of opening their minds and gaining knowledge. This class will serve as a introduction to the idea of communication and collaboration via technology- a large portion of the student's classes throughout high school will continue to adopt this way of technology in an effort to accelerate learning.

Three tools that we will be using: