Local News Update


There has been so much violence in Iraq from July to October. Once the last U.S. trooper left the country started a civil war. 854 civilians were killed and 1,640 were wounded. In other news.

There have been a string of suicide bombers in Iraq. The first suicide bomber drove a car full of explosives into a office of a major Kurdish party, in northern Iraq. The dangerous wave of attacks. This particular booming killed 31 people across the country.

Also in Iraq the weather has been pretty bad. Bad weather has cut oil exports from Iraq's Basra ports to 960,000 barrels per day. High winds have caused loaded ships from leaving the port.


Iranian officials say that Iran will attempt to launch a monkey into space , once again. Iran has tried to launch a monkey into space in 2011 but somehow the suffocated and died. Iran's goal is to launch a human into space by 2025. However, Iran could produce enough weapon-grade uranium to create one or more nuclear bombs by the mid 2014's. President Barack Obama stated that the United States will take military action to prevent and protect the US from the bombs. Also, nearly 50 Iranians went home after being freed by Syrian rebels in a prisoner swap. 48 Iranians were freed in exchange for 2,000 prisoners held by Iranian authorities. This has been the most recent prisoner swap since 22 months ago. The rebels are now designated as the terrorist organization.


There was a team of suicide bombers they attacked a compound belonging to Afghanistan's spy agency.Killing one guard and injured 33 civilians.There were six bombers.The attackers used a liquid gel explosive that has not been previously seen in Afghanistan.The bombers were also armed with assault rifles,grenades and large quantities of bullets.

Also in Afghan children are in harsh winter weather.The year before more than 100 children died in the cold weather.One person said"last night,I had no food"."I swear to you,we did not eat."There are a lot of people who don't have food.Afghan tries to help to raise money to get more food they have raised 58$billion.

In Afghanistan there was a US helicopter shot down on Tuesday.The militant group was able to to target a US copter inside a military base in the province.Also on Tuesday Afghan soldiers opened fire on US-led troops in the latest green-on-blue attack carried out in the town of Bala in the western province of Farah.