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Design Thinking, PBL, & Other Tinkering: News from the d.lab

Saber Spotlight

Making "Concrete" Math Connections

Students in Susan Hall's math class had a great time tinkering in an interdisciplinary project that incorporated material science and the arts. Below are some great examples of how art, poetry, math, and science can be playfully combined in support high academic standards.

Seesaw App: Student Driven Portfolios

4th graders have been using the Seesaw app in the d.lab as a way to record their thoughts as they "debug" the codes they have been creating for the ozobots.

In the student made video below, Kate recorded a voice over and made notations on her photo that describes the first iteration of her Valentine's Day project.


Bringing in Real World Relevance with Nepris

As part of a collaboration with Mike Scallon's project that incorporates the design thinking model, students will be using Nepris in the d.lab so students can receive valuable feedback on their designs from an industry expert.
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Tour Updates

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks with LS & MS teachers signing up for tours! I like to thank everyone who has visited or scheduled a tour so far:

Callie Northcut, Kristen Pomeroy, Molly Bond, Michelle Estep, Jeni Messina, Gena Pass, Leticia Pister, Claire Breaux, Monica Agostini, Leona Calvo, Susan Lane, Beth Griesmer, Susan Hall, and James Melone.

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Making in the Media

New York Times: Colleges Making Room for Maker Spaces

Wood Shop Enters the Age of High-Tech (2/5/16)

These days, tinkering is a bit more high tech. The blending of technology and craft in tools like 3-D printers and laser cutters has made it possible for ordinary people to make extraordinary things. And many ordinary people, living as they do, more and more in their heads and online, are yearning to do something with their hands.

So the “maker space” movement — D.I.Y. communities to get people creating, be it for fun, for art or for entrepreneurship — is booming. Maker Faires are held around the world. Commercial operations like TechShop have popped up across the country. And tinkering is being promoted on college campuses from M.I.T. to Santa Clara University, as well as in high schools and elementary schools.

There’s even a massive open online course, offered by the MOOC provider Coursera and taught by three scientists from the Exploratorium in San Francisco, called “Tinkering Fundamentals: A Constructionist Approach to STEM Learning."

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Lego Bricks Needed

If you have any Lego bricks that you'd to get rid of (standard size, not Duplo), I'll gladly take them for use in the makerspace. Please share this with your classes!

Have a great week!