Transition Plus

There's no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs

November 2nd


Arrival is expected promptly as we will begin right at 8 am

• 8:00 Check In, Agenda, Questions

• 8:30 – 10:30 Keynote: Implicit Bias

• 10:30 – 11:30 Small Group Keynote Debrief

• 11:30 – 12:30 Lunch Provided

• 12:30 – 3:30 EdCamp Break-Out Sessions Including:

Jason Bucklin, Out4Good Gender and Equity Part II, TPlus Mental Health Practitioners, Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Staff, please register for both eCompass courses listed below to obtain credit for our Nov 2nd training here at TPlus:

#110926 Transition Plus: How Equity and SEL Intersect: Examining Implicit Bias

#110928 Suicide Awareness and Prevention (Transition Plus, Wilder Center)

Music Therapy

In case this is imformative to your classroom & work...

I am starting a 2-wk series in the Music Therapy classroom that aligns with our SEL. Here is a link to a video you may share with your students. Team One students are discussing how to be respectful and what that means. How does this relate to you and your students?


Note from Pamela-

All Staff: check your mailbox for a form confirming the location you’re at, make sure it’s correct location and follow up with Pamela

Staffing News

You will see several new staff in the building. Please take a moment to say hi and introduce yourselves and welcome them into our building.

Feruza, Dave, and Todd are all on Team one.

On November 1st Pamela will be joining us

Summyr is providing training support until Nov. 10th.

Flu Shot Verification

If anyone needs a form for verification for the FLU shot Linda has the form to complete in the HEALTH OFFICE. People have asked for verification to add to Vitality for the points and or to send to their clinic for record keeping.

Video Links

If you liked the videos that were linked in last year's Monday Morning Memos, here is a whole list of them that you could use with your advisory.

If you have additional Youtube or TedTalk videos that you think would be good to share with T Plus staff let me know and we can add them to our Monday Morning Memos.

Student and Staff Surveys Coming Up

Please note that two different surveys will be coming up in November and early December.

One is the district-wide Student Survey, which all teachers need to have at least one of their classes complete. The other survey is the 5E (5 Essentials) Survey, which all students AND staff complete (it is about school climate).

Stay tuned for more details about our plan for these district-required surveys in the coming weeks and note that some class time will be needed for students to complete the surveys.

End of the Quarter

Next Wednesday, November 1st is the last day of Quarter 1. Please remember to enter your grades in Gradebook by the end of the day on Monday, November 6th! Instructions for entering grades are Here. Please remember TPlus courses are graded CR or NC.

If you have an IEP that has been in place for greater than 30 days you should be doing a progress summary report in addition to grades.

Counseling Corner

Internship Opportunity

There is an exciting internship opportunity coming up for Native students. MIGIZI Green Jobs Pathway is a 10 week paid internship specifically for Native students where they can learn about and get experience in the field of green jobs. Please share this information with students and post the attached flyer and informational document in your rooms!

Spring Semester Scheduling

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about thinking about spring semester scheduling! The scheduling committee has developed the spring semester master schedule and this means the next step is getting student course registration sheets completed. I am hoping to have the course registration sheets in case manager's hands by the end of this week on Friday, November 3rd. Completed course request forms would then be due back to me by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 21st (the last school day before Thanksgiving break) to allow enough time for student schedules to be entered in the computer system.

There will be two different course request forms used for spring course registration this time around. One form is identical to the one used in the past and the other, new one is to be used with only full-time students who are here in the building Monday-Friday, periods 1-6. A draft of the new course request form for full-time students as well as a directions for the new form are attached. I will be placing physical copies of both course registration forms as well as the directions for the new form in mailboxes by this Friday. Please do not print and use the attached new form yet as it is still being finalized.


The spring semester deadline for PSEO is December 1st. Please let interested students know and/or send them to my office for more information or support filling out the application. Thank you!

This week at T Plus

Tuesday ---------Licensed Staff Meeting (computer lab)

Thursday--------All Staff PD Day

Friday-------------Teacher Grading Day- ESP Staff do not report unless taking offsite CPR