By: Alec R & Eddie L

Hercules life

As a child he was very strong. Serpents were sent to kill him but he was found strangling them. Later in life he killed people. A god gave him 12 what he thought were impossible tasks. The first was the Neman lion, the hydra, the hind, the boar, the stables, the birds, the bull, the horses, the apples, cerberus. These tasks were designed to kill him but every time hercules came back people were shocked. Hercules is one of the best gods in our opinion because of his strength and bravery.

Conversation With Chuck

chuck norris: hi hercules how are you so strong

hercules: I am part god!

chuck norris: thats cute

hercules: I have defeated 12 impossible tasks

chuck norris: name them

hercules: the nemean lion, the hydra, the cerynitian hind, eyrmythian boar,cleaning the augean stables, the stymphalian birds, the mares of diomedes, hippolytes belt, the cattle of geryon, apples of the hesperides, the capture of cerbeus.

chuck norris: wow, i did that in third grade.

hercules: are you not entertained!?

chuck norris: I can do that in a straight jacket.

hercules: ok, I bet you are quite the ladies man for a 72 year old man then.

Chuck norris: indeed.

Hercules: ya well I’m immortal so come at me bro.

chuck norris: have you ever saved some ones life?

hercules: yeah I did I went to the underworld and I wrestled hades for my friends life.

chuck norris: I wrestled hades with my pinkie when I was 2


chuck norris great meeting you

Hercules: see you

Comparing Hercules to Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson

If you compare Hercules to the Rock their are lots of similarities and lots of differences. They are both very strong and good wrestlers. They are different because Hercules is a god but the Rock isn't. Hercules wasn't exactly a good guy. He killed his family. The Rock is very nice and hasn't killed anyone. The Rock is also a good football player and actor. I don't think they had football in Olympus and they might've had acting. Although the Rock is old Hercules is a lot older. Hercules will never die and the Rock will. I think that they are good to compare to because they are strong and alike in many ways.