My Summer

Monica Denson

Hanging Out With Friends

Most of the summer me and my friend Ashleigh hung out at either her house or mine. We went to the mall a lot, to see movies and just walk around. We hung out with Sabina a lot too because, we've known each other since elementary school so we're very close.

Texas Rangers

My parents and sister are very big baseball fans so they dragged me along to games, even when we were at home the game was on TV. We also took a tour of the rangers stadium and all the behind the scenes stuff.

My friends

What I wish I had done.....

I mainly just sat at home, watching Netflix and occasionally going out but, I wish I had gone somewhere exciting. Or traveled to one of the places I've always wanted to go. I wish I would have already started drivers ed and drove more to get it over with.

Next Summer

Next summer will be a lot more exciting because, I'm going on a theater trip to New York. Ashleigh, my friend, will be going with me and we're going to know most of the other people going too. We go to Rockefeller center, time square, the statue of liberty and a Broadway show every night.

My summer....

My summer was kinda boring but, its ok since next summer is going to be very hectic and busy. I'll be going to New York, hanging out with friends, hopefully getting a job.....And that was my summer.