A desk designed for collaboration

All proceeds go towards Toys for Tots

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A bit about our product

The Omnidesk is a desk that was designed for group work and collaboration. It would fit well into a classroom as a place where a group of people would sit down and work together. It can also fit into someone's home for use by a single person and will provide ample space for them. It is made out of cardboard which we up cycled as we took something that was going to be thrown away and turned it into something people can use in day to day life.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to provide kids with a way to work together collaboratively without any fuss. We want to create a place where groups can gather to work cooperatively and efficiently without having to run around tiny singular desks.

Omnidesk Sale Event

Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 8:30am-5pm

6755 Lisgar Drive

Mississauga, ON

Come visit us for a chance to see our product in real life and bid on it to take it home with you. All proceeds will go towards Toys for Tots so kids can have a Merry Christmas.