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December 31, 2021

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Dear ROYALS Families,

We wish you and yours a very joyful and safe new year! We hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday and break and are ready to return for the second semester on Tuesday, January 4th.

The start of the second semester brings a few adjustments to Quist. First of all, we will no longer have Ms. Catherine “Kate” Brown as our Dean of Students. She is transitioning back to the classroom to support our greatest need for teachers. Specifically, she will take over for one of our 6th grade Social Studies teachers, Mrs. Ruth, who will be moving out of state. Ms. Catherine Brown will continue to serve as our Athletic Director.

As Dean of Students, her role primarily supported our Collaborative Restorative Classroom “CRC”. We believe that behind our mission of Developing Hearts and Minds, it is important to have this resource for students to reflect, learn, grow, and be accountable for their actions. Going into the second semester, the CRC will be supported with a collaborative effort from our counseling team, administration, teachers, and support staff. Some of them are members of our Quist Social Emotional Learning “SEL'' oversight committee. Together, the following process has been adapted to support our students needing engagement beyond a teacher’s initial request for redirection. To minimize disruptions to learning while maintaining support for students, the following steps will be taken.

  • The teacher will advise the student they need them to go on a second chance and the student will be given a pass to go to the CRC.

  • The student will receive counseling related to the events requiring a second chance and then return to class.

  • If the student has additional occurrences within the same day or 5 in the span of a week, a member of administration will contact a parent/guardian following our normal disciplinary procedures.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide the opportunity for a second chance/reflection time while minimizing disruptions and maintaining focus on learning.

Next, I am happy to share that students will return to typical middle school passing periods for all classes. Currently, they stay in the same room and their teachers travel through the learning community. While this was a necessary layer of protection, we believe that we can safely bring back passing periods. We are excited about this change for many reasons. Reducing challenges related to science instruction having to take palaces outside of the labs, allowing for a student movement break and more. Students in P.E., Band, and Athletics will also receive lockers specific to the needs for those programs. With the exception of 6th grade P.E., they will not be required to dress out for their quarter classes. With this change, there should not be a need for students to carry a lot of items outside of what can be put in a standard backpack between their core classes.

The next major change relates to our cell phone policy. It has become necessary for us to define a standard that requires students to keep their phones in their backpacks, designated space within the classroom, or to leave it at home. Students’ cell phones are increasingly becoming a huge distraction to the learning environment. While there are specific circumstances that may require the use of a cell phone, it is not needed for instructional time. If you need to get a message to your child during the school day, please feel free to call the front office at 303-655-6950. If it can wait until lunch or after school, please send a text. Our teachers will direct our students in that way. If it becomes an issue, then students will be referred to the office for defiance or disruption to the learning environment. Disciplinary consequences may be administered if situations reach this point.

In closing, we ask for your support with regard to student supplies. We have reached the point in the year where students are needing replacement notebooks, pencils, markers, etc. If you recall, this year, we strived to reduce the number of community supplies and our supply of items available to students that do not have these items is quickly being used. Over break, please talk with your student about items that they need to be successful at school. We also appreciate any donations of pencils, pens, color pencils, expo markers, post-it notes, index cards, and tissue.

Thank you for your continued support, grace, and feedback as we move forward.


Trina Norris-Buck, Ed.S.

Lead Learner/Principal


Athletics Updates

  • Registration for both girl's basketball and boy's & girl's wrestling is now open! Dates for all practices, contests, and photos are on our school website calendar

    • Girl's basketball is open to 7th and 8th graders.

      • Practice for Girl's basketball starts on January 6th.

    • Boy's & Girl's COED wrestling is available to all grades.

      • Wrestling practice starts on January 25th.

Take care,

Catherine "Kate" Brown

Dean of Students

Activities/Athletics Director

Rodger Quist Middle School

O: 303-655-6950 - Main

T: (720) 507-6209 - Google Voice (can receive text messages)

E: cbrown@sd27j.net

Parent Advisory Committee News

The Parent Advisory Committee’s (PAC) mission is to provide an authentic parent voice by establishing a collaborative relationship between Quist Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 5 pm in the Quist library. Please consider joining us!

Currently, we are working on an advertisement fundraiser and want to be sure all local businesses have an opportunity. Is your business or company willing to sponsor our school in order to help meet their growing needs? 100% of funds raised stay right at Quist and help provide some of the following:

  • Classroom supplies (art supplies, whiteboards, Lego STEAM supplies)
  • Supporting events in classrooms (History Day, Literacy Night, Numeracy Night)
  • Community Events (School Health Fair, school dances, parent events)
  • Academic supplies (online subscriptions, books, anatomy models)
  • Scoreboard for the football field

For more information, click HERE

I Matter

The State of Colorado recently launched I Matter, a program that provides up to three free counseling sessions for any Colorado youth age 18 or younger — or 21 and younger if receiving special education services.

Youth and their parents can visit the I Matter platform to take a confidential online survey about their mental health and schedule sessions with a licensed behavioral health clinician, primarily via telehealth. Youth 12 and older can sign up for counseling sessions without a parent or guardian's consent.

Get started today at imattercolorado.org/


Students are back at school making new memories with their friends! Make sure to order the one book that captures the activities, spirit, and unique qualities of their school. Visit www.jostensyearbooks.com to order.
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