Rigsby- End of Year Auction

June 10th 8am-12:30pm

End of Year Auction & Classroom Celebration: 6/10 8am-12:30pm / Awards Ceremony 1:00-2:00

What will we be doing?

  • Superlative Awards
  • Silent & Live Auction
  • Snacks & Drinks in the Classroom
  • Spontaneous Dance Party?

How can we help? GO TO THIS GOOGLE DOC to sign up!

  • Send in food, drinks, or items to be auctioned off!
  • Come by school on Monday/Tuesday to help set up
  • Come by during the celebration to serve food & watch the fun!

Can't access the sign up sheet? Take a look below and email/call me and I'll add you to the list :)

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Kindergarten Graduation is from 9am-10am. We will pause our activities so that students and parents can attend .

What do you mean AUCTION ITEMS?

The best auction items are things around your house that your child doesn't use, something fun from the dollar store or clearance section of your favorite store. I surveyed the kids and got the following results:

Of the following items: Which would you be interested in buying?

EOS lip balm [15 Students]

Gift Cards (iTunes, Chick-Fil-A etc) [14 Students]

Pokemon Cards [7 Students]

Sports Equipment (Foodball, Nerf Ball, etc) [7 Students]

Water Toys [9 Students]

Books [12 Students]

Art Supplies [12 Students]

School Supplies (Pens, Notebooks, Bookbag) [11 Students]

When asked what else they would be interested in:

  • Gift Cards: Asheville Pizza Company, Starbucks
  • Dry Erase Boards & Markers
  • Stickers
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Post-It Notes
  • Travel Games for the Car
  • Cards
  • Spa Stuff/ Nail Polish
  • Fun Coloring Books/Pages
  • Robotics/Engineering/ Science!
  • Organization Stuff
  • Breyer Horses
  • Troll Dolls
  • Fancy Pens
  • Jewelry
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Looks like we are doing a Fancy/Pajama Party!

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Caffeine Free Drinks Please- Rootbeer & Sprite are the popular favorites!

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A healthy mix of junk food and healthy snacks!

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Finding Mrs. Rigsby

If your child has a change in how they are going home- please send a note with your child or call the classroom and leave a message. I try to check my email often- but once I'm teaching, I don't stop! Please let me know how I can help your student be successful.