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Rachel-A Volunteer Super Star!

Rachel has been volunteering doing copying, cutting, and other miscellaneous work for the Park teachers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us @ 715-735-2600.
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School Of Choice--February 5 to April 30

Live outside Marinette School District but you want your child to attend one of our schools? Apply online here or call 715-735-1408 for more information! We would love to have your family become a part of ours!

Important Dates to Remember

2/5- Breakfast in the classroom starts

2/1- 4th grade swimming

2/6- 4th grade swimming

2/6- Literacy Night @ 5:30

2/8- 4th grade swimming

2/9- PTO Dance 5:00-7:00

2/12- No School Professional Development Day

2/20- 3rd grade swimming

2/23- Oscar Awards @ 2:20

More Dates to remember


March 5-9 NO SCHOOL--Spring Break

March 30 NO SCHOOL

April 9 End of Third Quarter

April 16 NO SCHOOL

May 11 Early Release 11:30



Dream Big Award Winners January 2018

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Character Trait is COURAGE!

Help us help your children to be courageous!

Having courage means that children will be brave as they meet new experiences, difficult situations, and/or dangerous encounters. Also courage may involve being firm because of strong moral convictions. In either case, there may be feelings of fear, anxiety, or apprehension.

Activities to Do to Learn About Courage

  1. Look through your newspaper with your children to find articles about acts of courage. Consider these questions: Who performed the acts of courage? What did they do? When and where was the act of courage accomplished? How did they carry it out? How will this act of courage affect other people?
  2. Provide crayons or pencils for your children to draw pictures of people they would consider courageous heroes. Ask youngsters to tell you about why they think the person is a hero. If possible, have your children dictate these reasons as you write them on their picture.
  3. Tell your children stories about times when your faith influenced your actions. Alternatively, tell about a time when you could have helped someone or taken a courageous action and regret that you failed to do so. Describe the lessons that you think God may have been teaching you?
  4. Having a family meeting where you talk about the importance of courage. Ask each family member to share about one of the most courageous things they ever did or describe one of the most courageous people they have ever met.
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Summer Learning

Registration for Summer Learning will begin Feb 5th and run through March 23rd. Instructions for how to register can be found by clicking on this link or visiting Marinette District Website under Summer Learning.
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Report Cards Online

How to find your child's report card on Skyward

1. Log in to Skyward using your User ID and password.

If you are unsure of your information, please contact Ms. Carviou @ 715.735.2600 and she will be happy to help.

2. On the left side of the page click on Report Cards/Portfolio.

3. To see the current report card, click on the Standards Report Card (1/30/18).

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