Marvelous Matalloids

By:Burke Smith, Cooper Hamby, Josh Kirkland and Jack Carlton

Antimony + Geranium + Tellurium

Antimony, Sb

Symbol- Sb

Atomic Number- 51

Melting Point- 630.63 degrees celsius

Boiling Point- 1587 degrees celsius

Atomic Mass- 121.76

Protons- 51

Electrons- 51

Neutrons- 71

Valence Electrons- 5

Antimony compounds were known to ancient cultures like the Egyptians but it wasn’t widely used until the Middle Ages when alchemists started using it. We do not know how, when and by who it was discovered.

Antimony alloys are used in batteries. Antimony compounds are used to make flameproofing materials. It is also used in glass and pottery.

People who drink antimony in water could experience increases in blood cholesterol. High amounts of antimony consumed by animals can kill them.

Ge: Germanium

Melting Point: 1211.40 K (938.25°C or 1720.85°F)

Boiling Point: 3106 K (2833°C or 5131°F)

History: Germanium was discovered by the German chemist Clemens Winkler in the mineral argyrodite in 1886

Germanium is used to make transistors for use in electronic devices.

Germanium has an atomic number of 32 and an atomic mass of 72.64.

mineral argyrodite

Te: Tellurium

Melting Point: 722.66 K (449.51°C or 841.12°F)

Boiling point: 1261 K (988°C or 1810°F)

History: Tellurium was discovered by Franz Joseph Müller von Reichenstein, a Romanian mining official, in 1782.

Tellurium has an atomic number of 52 and an atomic mass of 127.6


As: Arsenic

Melting Point: 1090 K (817°C or 1503°F)

Boiling Point: 887 K (614°C or 1137°F)

History: it is believed that arsenic was first discovered by Albertus Magnus, a German alchemist, in 1250. Arsenic is free in nature, but is most often found in the minerals arsenopyrite , realgar and orpiment .

Arsenic has an atomic number of 33 and an atomic mass of 74.92.

Hazards and Daily Life

Daily life:

Arsenic is used in weed killers and pesticides and some other poisons. Also it is used for mixing with copper and lead.

Tellurium is used to make lead stronger and more durable.


A high intake of germanium is used to make the immune system improve, improve the body’s oxygen supplies, and make someone feel more alive.

Arsenic is poisonous and disrupts the digestive system

Things We Loved About The Project

1- It Was Easy

2- It Was Fun To Work With A New Type Of Project

3- We Got To Learn More About The Periodic Table Of Elements




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