25 Book Campaign

By: Alyssa Brianne Kalynn Aguilar .

Girlfriend Material .

I read the book Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor. The book was about a girl named Kate who for the summer was going with her mom to Cape Cod New York. She hated the idea of going because her summer was supposed to consist of her practicing to be a pro tennis player, the only exciting thing about it was she got to see this girl she had seen about 10 years ago. When she gets to Cape Cod the girl Sarah she thought she was going to hang out with was really rude to her, and her mom and her dad get a divorce. It ended up being her worst summer ever.

Fallen .

I read the book Fallen by Lauren Kate. The book was about a girl name Lucinda Price who went by Luce. She had gotten sent to a reform school for being accused of killing her boyfriend Trevor. This wasn’t true. When she got to the school she saw this guy named Daniel Grigori. She had seen him before she knew it. She just didn’t know where from. Daniel would flip her off to being really nice to her and kissing her. Luce had tried telling Daniel about seeing him but he had gotten really mad and said I have never seen you before get that through your head. Later on in the book Daniel had pulled Luce aside and had told her it was true she has seen her before but not in this generation. Luce had lived 17 generations and would become the love of Daniel Grigori. He would watch her die and 17 years later she would come back alive. Luce had, had dreams about Daniel being an angel. And it was true and instead of it happening in her dreams Daniel had become an angel and he had told her he was going to save Luce from dying ever again. Daniel had told Luce she hated seeing her with other boys, and admitted he was the one who killed Trevor.

Deep Dark and Dangerous .

I read the book Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn. The book is about a girl Ali who is staying with her aunt this summer to babysit her cousin while her aunt works on her paintings. Her mother is very skeptical about her being at the lake house. Before she leaves to go to her aunts house she finds an old photo with her mother, aunt, and a unknown girl ripped out of the picture standing in front of the Lake House. When she shows her mother the photo her mother breaks down crying and gets rid of it. Ali had no idea why her mother freaked out about it. Ali thinks her job is to find out her the girl is at the Lake House. It turned out the girls name was Teresa and she had died when her mother and aunt were in the boat when they were kids. My favorite part of the story, was when the ghost Teresa leads Ali to where she had drowned and she calls the police so they could find her and Teresa becomes an Angel.

Witch and Wizard .

The book Witch and Wizard is about two teenagers named Whit and Wisty Allgood. Whit woke up in the middle of the night one night to the bright lights shining through the house windows at 2 in the morning. These big guards guys barged in with the guy everyone hated at school. Wisty woke up and was being shoved out her room into the living room with her brother. They were claimed to be a witch and wizard, so they were needed to be taken to a prison. They were allowed to take one thing and Whit got a notebook and Wisty got a drumstick. Whit had been dating a girl named Ceila before this and she had mysteriously disappeared Wisty had a vision that this is what happened to Ceila. While they are in the prison they find out it really is true about them being witches and wizards.

My favorite part of the book is Whit has dreams about Celia and she tells him how they can escape from the prison.