God of Justice! BY: ZAK MULFORD

Family Members

Zeus's family members Were Cronus, His father. Rhea, his mother. His children were Antidope, Demeter, Apollo, Graces, Themis and many more.

Awesome Facts:

1. Zeus had over thousands of millions of children.

2. Zeus forced Cronus to vomit up his brothers and sisters.

3. Zeus imprisoned most of his children in the underworld of Tartarus.

4. Zeus was the 6th child born.

5. Zeus possessed the perfect knowledge and was merciful.

6. Zeus was raised in a cave without his father.

7. He defeated his own father with his brothers.

8. Zeus was married to different women to trick Crunus into disgorging his siblings.

9. Zeus swallowed Metis to prevent telling is son to defeat Zeus.

10.Zeus made Athena by a big headache.

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Why I Like This God

I like this god because he is the ruler of the skies, animals, and basically the world. My God and I have the same personality as in justice and having the same opportunities. He was a fair god and I am a fair person. Zeus told his dad to help his brothers and sisters and I tell my dad the same thing. I chose Zeus because he is a cool dude and rules over everything. I like to be in charge of things just like Zeus. Zeus was energetic just like me. When Zeus was born he had a seizure, and I did to when I was three-years-old. Zeus accepts people as they are and I do too. Zeus never gave up on any responsibilities that he had as a kid.