Personal Searches in School

Ellie Scrimsher, Chase Brooks, Kip Denison, & Noah Entreken

Quick Facts

In the 1992-2001 school years, shooting was the leading cause of violent deaths in schools (77%), and 68% of all school violent deaths occurred in high schools.Obviously, this statistic shows the sad and dire nature our schools. 45% of elementary schools reported one or more violent incidents compared with 74% of middle schools and 77% of high schools. Violence is very prevalent throughout schools across the country, so as students ourselves, we need to do something about it. Of American high school students in 2001, 17% had carried a weapon including guns, knives or clubs in the 30 days before the survey – a 33% decrease from 1991. Although the number of students carrying guns in school has significantly decreased, even one gun on school campus is too much, and we need to work toward there being 0% of students carrying weapons on school grounds.

Summing It All Up

Without our schools utilizing bag and locker searches, there is no guarantee that students acorss the nation will be safe. The only way to ensure our safety is to maintain bag and locker searches across the country in an effort to curve the trend of violence in schools across the United States.