Chlorine Facts for You

By:Ezekiel Fryer

Basic Information

Atomic Number: 17

Atomic Weight: 35.453

Melting Point: 171.65 K (-101.5°C or -150.7°F)

Boiling Point: 239.11 K (-34.04°C or -29.27°F)

Density: 0.003214 grams per cubic centimeter

Phase at Room Temperature: Gas

Period Number: 3

Group Number: 17

Chemical Properties

Flammability: chlorine is not at all flammable.

How it reacts: Chlorine reacts explosively

Why do we need to have Chlorine?

Do you want clean water to drink every single day? Well, thanks to Chlorine, there is. Scientist mostly use chlorine so they can make drinking water more clean. This is important because our body is made mostly of water. So we have to drink at least 6cyps a day.

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