Mrs. Hunecke's Happenings

April 11th-15th

Skills at a glance...

We have introduced ALL our sight words for the year. Please review these sight words with your child and make sure they know them "quick as a snap!" :)

-Review: am, little, I, the, is, see, a, to, me, from, on, can, my, like, we, be, here, and, have, it in, get, for, by, he, look, she, said, go, with, play, you, are, do, away, come, went, was, that, what, where, did, at, they, as, his, of

Math: Decomposing numbers 11-19

Writing: How to writing

Science: Plants


Next week we will begin pocket math. Pocket math is a great way for students to understand the concept of ones and tens. Please ask your student about this- we will begin talking about it at the end of the week. :)

I am still missing several report card envelopes. Please remember to return these. Thanks!

Please remember baggie books and tote bag books are due every Monday.