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Trevor Demers

I wish

I wish i could be at home, on my couch.

I wish I could fly

I wish I was rich

I wish I could catch a big fish

I wish wishes could could come true

I used to be.....but now

I used to be a cat and didn't care about anything, but now I'm a old strict watch dog

I used to be a young ripe orange but now I'm a old orange peel

I used to be a plump grape but now I'm a small shriveled up raisin

I used to fly but now I fall

I used to watch but now I'm watched


Trevor lee, climbed a tree, then he fell, and now he has a welt

Little miss muffet, sat on her tuffet, then a spider came by, then she ran and cried

Terse verse

This is what a fox ses. "Ring ding ding"

2 guys were at a bus stop. One started to leave. "By guy"


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