Juan Rios/ Jude Watson/ Block 4

Book Report on Loot


Alfie McQuin is the father of March and Jules McQuin. He abandoned Jules and stayed with March. He is a liar and an expert in disguises. An unpredictable father, but a predictable jewel thief. March and Alfie are Jewel thieves.

March McQuin, is the son of Alfie McQuin, twin brother of Jules. He is 13 yrs old. He is a smart talker. Has a reputation of lying and cheating. He is mature. Listens to his father and helps his father with his getaways.

Jules Mcquin, is the Daughter of Alfie lives with her Aunt. Also 13 yrs old. Jules is gloomy, and feels uncared for. Jules is deceitful and a trader.


Keep trying no matter what gets in your way.

March never stop trying to get the 7 moon stones. When he finally gave up he found the "MakePeace Diamond".


Amsterdam, San Fransisco, New York most events happened within a month.

Conflict and Plot:

Alfie gets pushed off a roof during a heist in Amsterdam. Jules and March get sent to Social Services. They were offered a deal to find from Carlotta Grimstone to find "7 Magical MoonStones". Carlotta also offered other thieves to find the stones. the stone are worth 7 billion dollars.(man vs man)


When Alfie dies he leaves a bag with papers that don't make sense to March. The words on the papers symbolize directions that lead to a heist.

Book review:

I like this book because it's a thriller of a child that is son of a thief, people don't usually don't see that in every day life, like almost every minute there is a heist but almost never with a 13 year old child and the way he pulls everything off.

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