Mountain States

By: Zane Simons, Kylie Dednam, Doug Dye


The mountain states are Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming.


The mountain states are located in the west.

Human Environment Interaction

One way that humans have changed the environment is the pollution in the air.

Another way that humans have changed the environment is by deforestation that puts many animals out of their homes.

Mining, fishing, drilling for oil, and deforestation are some can upset the whole balance of the environment.

One way that the environment have affected the humans that live in the states is that the people are constantly experiencing earthquakes, floods and fires that are all caused by the environment


Most people use cars to transport them self's. Goods are transported by trains and Semi-trucks.


The Atlas mountains have a similar region as the mountain states.


The mountain states partly rely on other states to get goods, but mostly don't need to.