Heritage 101

Everything You Need to Know About HCA

Worldview Makes a World of Difference

It is our belief that the Christian school operates as an extension of the Christian home. God holds parents responsible for the teaching and training of their children; therefore, the school's purpose is to complement and strengthen the home. The total process of education seeks the development of the student toward true knowledge, righteousness and holiness in Christ. Thus, the student can mature spiritually, mentally, socially and physically as we teach and lead in accordance with God's design. Christian education develops students who think as Christ thinks. One who thinks Christianly holds a world and life view causing all issues to be understood within the context of the eternal and causing all issues to be seen as God sees them. Non- Christian educational philosophy either ignores God's existence altogether or ignores His involvement in human affairs, thus developing students who think only in human terms, bounded by the limits of this life, and seeing all issues as man sees them.

Heritage 101

Tuesday, Aug. 13th 2013 at 6:30-8:30pm

2506 Zurich Drive

Fort Collins, CO

At this seminar we will expound on our vision, mission, and three pillars of education. We will discuss our core values, student outcomes, curriculum philosophy, and curricular distinctives. Please come and share an evening of celebrating Christian education. Childcare will be provided.