Conch Island.

Asking price $78,250.

Here is a sky view of Conch Island

This picture is from last year a plane crash landed on it sometime this summer, there is a black burned scar down the middle now, But we expect full regrowth within the next two years.

Build Information.

This island currently does not have a building on it. It is just property that you can use for what ever you want. We are selling this island at the price of $78,250 it will be a whole price non negotiable.

Divers delight

This Island has the opportunity for GREAT open water dives and coral reef dives in areas that attract reef sharks barracuda and schools of beautiful fish.

Important facts to know.

On the southeast beach there is a rock formation where the survivors of the plane wreck lived until a naval ship rescued them. There could still be pieces of very basic human survival and activities in the surrounding area. There are most likely guts and trimmings from the wild boars they ate in the surrounding areas.

More facts!

There are several basic huts still standing from the survivors! if your feeling adventurous you could take a hike to them and camp out and live just like the savages did! Except safer and without the need for rescue!