Patrick Marsh Middle School Band

This Week in Band at PMMS (May 30-June 3, 2016)

New Information

Hogwart's Magical Talent Show Features Many Band Students!

Our Annual Talent Show will take place on the final day of school. The show features 15 student acts and 2-3 staff acts. The show includes a green room, lights, emcees, and more. We are going to Livestream this year's show if you want to watch.

Talent Show Performances are Friday, June 10th

You will do two identical performances:

7:45-9:05 AM for 7th Grade

9:55-11:15 AM for 6th Grade

To see the list of acts performing see below or watch this video:

Michael Fiskey, Jillian Buenger - Vocal Duet

Kallan Engleson -Marimba Solo

Nova Geidl -Dance

Kallan Engleson, Morgan Haak - Vocal Duet & Piano

Ciel Williams, Sidney McLean -Vocal Duet

Devin Ruplinger - Karate Demonstration

Evan Buckingham- Violin Solo

Malik Bah- Basketball Demonstration

Tesa Leatherberry- Dance

Lizzi Waldner, Morgan Zeigler- Marimba Duet

Matthew Anderson, Josh CaronEuphonium -Tuba Duet

Austin Wells- Saber Routine

Victoria Sands- Vocal Solo

Kate Rault- Irish Dance

Lauren Hope Bruemmer- Vocal Solo and Piano

Memorial Day Parade Information - Monday, May 30

Band in the United States started as marching bands (specifically, military marching bands). It is part of our heritage and a great experience for young musicians. On Monday, May 30 we get the opportunity to pay tribute to our veterans and our nation by marching in the Memorial Day Parade. **This is a mandatory event for 7th Grade Band Members who are in town. 6th Graders are not required to march, but can if they are interested.

**We understand that this is a holiday and that many families have plans out of town, etc. We do not expect you to change your family's plans. However, if you are in town it is important to have your child participate.

Here are the specifics:

Time? Parade Starts at 10:00 AM. All band members need to report to the main entrance

area of CHUMS by 9:30 AM. ***Mrs. Haraldson will have Door #9 and the band room at PMMS open starting at 9:00 AM on Memorial Day if you want to get your instrument or forget something.

Route and Pick Up? The parade begins at CHUMS and ends at Walker/Main Street near the Public Library. Parents please meet us in Public Library Rear Parking Lot immediately after the parade! We recommend that parents park in the rear parking lot of the library and walk back up the parade to see/hear the band.

Uniform? Black Band shirt, black pants, black socks and shoes (no shorts or sun glasses)

Important! Remember to leave instrument case in your parent’s car when you meet at CHUMS. You will just need your assembled instrument.

School Instrument Turn-in Day PLUS Rental Information

All school instruments and supplies need to be returned to the PMMS Band Room no later than Tuesday, May 31. We need to inventory all of the school owned instruments on this day.

Instruments will be reissued to current 6th graders by Tuesday, June 7th. Current 7th Graders using school instruments should contact Mr. Mesner or Mr. Melrose about getting an upper middle school instruments.

IF YOU ARE RENTING from Ward Brodt or another music store we would encourage you to keep your instrument over the summer if you are continuing in band next year. In fact, if your child is continuing in band now is a good time to consider purchasing an instrument. Let us help you though!! There is A LOT of junk out there!

If you are renting but not continuing instruments should be given to one of us the last two days of school. However, the only way we will know that an instrument is going back is if your child gives us the instrument (we will not send it back without them telling us to...otherwise we will ask them to take it home).

Recent Information

7th Grade "Band Jump Start!" (Current 6th Grade Families READ THIS)

As you will recall from the end of the year video, we start each school year with an event called "7th Grade Band Jump Start". This is actually a summer school class that will take place on August 23, 25, 25 at PMMS from 1-3 pm. This is a really fun way to start the year! We will rehearse, play games, and the 100 foot waterslide again! Current 6th graders playing in band next year should sign-up online today as the deadline (June 2) is quickly approaching.

Spring Band Concert Links

Thank you for the support during our recent Spring Band Concert. Your kids did great! My apologies again for Livestream not functioning...however, I think I found a solution! Below are the "unlisted" links to the concert and end of the year video. Please feel free to share them with friends and family.

6th Grade Portion:

7th Grade Portion:

End of the Year Video:

The Week Ahead

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day Parade 10 am (CHUMS to Library. Meet at 9:30 am. Done 10:30 am)

Tuesday, May 31 (Day 2)

BLA Drum Lessons 3-4:40 PM


Wednesday, June 1 (Day 1)

Thursday, June 2 (Day 2)

BLA Lessons 3-5 PM (Horn Only)

Friday, June 3 (Day 1)

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day Parade (CHUMS to Library 9:30 am -10:30 am)

Tuesday, May 31 - School Instrument Turn-in Day

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