High Blood Pressure

Matt simpson

what is high blood pressure?

high blood pressure is a common deasie in whitch blood flows through blood vessels at a higher pace than usual.


headahce, dizzyness, vomiting, blurred vision, chest pain, and vomiting.

foods to stay away from

pickles, canned chicken noodle soup, fast food fries, bacon, alcohol, sugar, ramen noodles, table salt, doughtnuts, whole milk.

foods to eat

fruits and vegtables, berries, beets, skim milk, oatmeal, potatos

can i get rid of it?

yes in some cases you can possible overcome it.

Food plan

Day 1: for breakfast have banana nut pancakes for lunch have a salad and for dinner have have tuna

Day 2: for breakfast have the same thing for lunch have bluberry pancakes and for dinner another kind of fish

Day3: repeat day one

Day 4: repeat day two

Day5:dairy milk for breakfast and salad for lunch and salmon for dinner

Day6:repeat day two

Day7: cheat day