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Liberty Academy News

Welcome, Liberty Academy!

It was a great first three days at Liberty Academy. The students have been patient with all the information they have consumed about how the semester works! We've been getting to know one another, and it's been a bit slow, but things will start to pick up soon as we get ready to roll!

Thank you for sending your student to us. It's going to be a great semester!

Tobacco and Vaping at School

Last week as we talked to students, one of the school rules we dove into was tobacco and vaping.

Tobacco use or possession of:

1st offense: 3-5 ISS/OSS

2nd offense: 5-10 ISS/OSS

3rd offense: 10 days OSS

Vaping or possession of:

USE: 1st offense: 3 days ISS, 2nd offense: 5 days ISS, 3rd offense: 10 days OSS

POSSESSION: 1st offense: 5 days ISS, 2nd offense: 5 days OSS, 3rd offense: 10 days OSS with referral to Superintendent.

The City of Liberty also has an ordinance that added nicotine delivery products to the list of smoking items prohibited in enclosed places of employment and public places.

Violation of City Ordinance could result in a fine in addition to disciplinary consequences from school.

Please help us support the state law of a tobacco free campus by having conversations with your students at home.

Virtual Online Class at LA

This semester we are piloting a virtual course for first hour. In summary, this means that if the student is making the required progress in the course, and attendance isn't negatively impacted for the following hours in the day, physical attendance during first hour is optional. However, the following guidelines have been created to help everyone be successful.


  • Students do not have to physically attend first hour if they are making adequate progress in the online class, passing the class, and not arriving late to second hour.

  • Student progress on the virtual online class will be pulled weekly starting 8/24. If your student hasn’t met the progress goal, they will be asked to attend 1st hour and receive support from staff for the following week. Data will be pulled each Friday to determine student attendance the following week.

  • On track students should arrive to LA between 8:40-8:50 for breakfast so that they are ready to go to math at 8:55. If a student is late to math class, students will have restricted movement during the afternoons.

  • If a student arrives at LA (by any means of transportation), they are considered to be at school. Students are not ever allowed to leave campus without being checked out by a parent or else they are considered truant, and for safety reasons may not return to school that day. (Ex. Students can’t arrive at school, grab some friends, and decide to go to breakfast during first hour.)

  • Students who are on track with their online course progress may still attend school during first hour (possibly because that’s the best option due to transportation or because they choose to use that time to work on the course as opposed to outside of school).

  • Students who are at school during first hour can work in the flex area or cafeteria on the first floor at LA. Students who have not made academic progress in the virtual course must report to the cafeteria to work on the class with a teacher.

  • This week, students should be well aware of the goal % they need to meet in the online class.

If you have any questions about this pilot, please contact Mrs. Norris.

Need Assistance this Semester?

We have some wonderful partnerships with different community groups. If there is something that we can help you with, please contact our social worker, Ms. Johnson, at 736-5470 or andrea.johnson@lps53.org.

In the past, we have been able to help with school supplies, laundry, groceries, referrals to receive needed services (health, mental health), clothing, and utilities. If you have a need not listed, let Ms. Johnson know and she will do her best to partner with you.

Need Assistance with Internet at Home?

While options are limited, families and students who need assistance acquiring internet access can contact one of the organizations below to see if they qualify for internet assistance.

Everyone On: http://everyoneon.org/

You can text "connect" to 21-545 or call (877) 947-4321

Access Wireless: https://www.accesswireless.com/

By phone call 1-888-900-5899

ATT Service


Century Link


Additional subsidy article