Should iPads be used in schools?

By: Megan and Hannah

iPads in schools


iPads should be used in schools for academic purposes.


Our audience is the schoolboard because they are the ones that make the decisions for their schools and what is aloud to be used in them.


iPads can help students that don't have the necessities to study or research for school because they are a great source of information, thus making it easier for those students who don't have computers to access the necessary information for project or studying for school.


Our evidence comes from a BBC research article, where it states, "The use of iPads has encouraged greater sharing of resources among teachers and students. Working as a group in class is much easier as students can share documents." This evidence shows some of the benefits of having iPads in school.


The iPads could help improve grades because students could use their iPads to research or to study for tests and projects that need to be done during the school year. If iPads were aloud in school, the grades could improve due to the open access to information that is needed to complete homework or to study.


Even though iPads can be used to improve grades, they can be a distraction due to the available of games that students could play in class.
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