Aurasmatizing the classroom.

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The Project:

Hillary Lauder @misshilaree and Katie Kruse @howetokruse worked together using the program Aurasma to add videos to the periodic table for an 8th grade science unit. First, Katie printed a large periodic table to serve as the background of our poster. Then Hillary asked the students to create an original element picture that would be placed over each square of the table. This step is necessary because it allows for the Aurasma program to differentiate each picture when attaching the video files. Finally, the students created a video explaining the importance of their assigned element, and both teachers worked together to attach the videos to the pictures using the Aurasma app -- a process Ms. Lauder lovingly referred to as "aurasmatizing." The poster has been placed just outside of the library for all of the school to enjoy.

Step one: Students make the Auras

Step two: Share the Auras.

Sharing the Auras

Confused? Need to know how to view or make an Aura? If you would like to know more about how to make Auras, check out our Aurasma tutorial page:

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The Periodic Table Aurasmatized Display

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