Residential Schools

Complete all activities. Read the directions carefully.

click on the link to view the video

Watch the video.

1. Define the word: PROPAGANDA.

2. What is the purpose of the video? What would the creators of this commercial like the viewers to think?

3. What are your thoughts about this commercial considering what we have learned about residential schools so far?

4. How does the music add to your perception of the video?

5. Why do you think this video was created?

Write your response on the handout provided.

Canadian Residential School Propaganda Video 1955

Activity 2: Viewing Images

Look a each image above. For each picture:

1. Describe the image.

2. What questions do you have about the image?

3. How does this image make you feel?

Define the word: RECONCILIATION

Justin Trudeau offers another apology for the Residential Schools. Write three jot notes or questions that arise after watching the video and reading the article on the place mat provided.

Activity 4: Create a poster and a slogan

Read the message on the T-shirt and think about the meaning behind the message. Create a poster that has a similar message. Use images, symbols, pictures to illustrate your work. Write an artist statement about your poster.
Big image

Activity 5

Read the Headline of the Newspaper article below.

On your place mat, record the answers to the following questions:

1- What do you infer?

2- How do you feel about the suggestion that Children were used for research purposes?

Big image

Activity 6: Write a letter, a poem or a song

Watch the two videos below.

Both videos mention a call to action with a request to learn about the history of Residential Schools in Canada.

Choose ONE of the activities below:

Choice #1: You are going to write a letter to one of the following:

a) Truth and Reconciliation Commission

b) the Prime Minister

c) to a survivor of the Residential Schools.

In your letter include any of the following:

- your thoughts about residential schools

- what you have learned

- facts

- feelings

- your opinion

- the reason why you chose to person you chose

- your wish for the future

Write the rough copy on the place mat, find a peer editor (with the guidelines provided in class) and write a good copy.

Choice #2

Write a poem about the Residential School Experience.

Your poem must reflect what you have learned and how you feel. You may choose to write any form of poetry that you would like or you may write a series of poems from a variety of perspectives.

Choice #3

Write a song about your learning on residential Schools. You do not have to perform your song although you are welcome to perform it for the class. Your song should include your learning and feelings about this "sad chapter" in our Canadian History.

Up to 6,000 children died at Canada’s residential schools, report finds
Teach Our Children: Education for Reconciliation (2:00)