substance abuse prevention

Why not to do drugs.

It physically makes you uglier

It makes your skin, eyes and mouth look really bad.

It's horrible on your health

It can cause cancers and hundreds of health problems.

It kills you

It literally makes your life shorter every drug you take.


If you inform yourself and become aware of how bad it is you are less likely to do it.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Low self esteem can lead to drugs.

It's a bad consequence of boredom.

Status and peer acceptance can lead to drugs.


1. Basketball

2. running

3. Exercise

4. cooking

5. t.v.

6. singing




12. piano



16. Just Dance

17. Xbox

18.American idol

20. painting nails

21. yoga

22. swimming



25.Food! (not too much)

Help. Where and why.

1. Parents

2. doctor

3. counselor

4. family

5. friend

6. psychologist

7. therapist

8. trusted adult

9. hotline

10. teacher

An essential step to stopping a drug problem is first to admit to the problem and then get help. Most times you need that support, encouragement and professional help to stop that problem. You just can't do it on your own usually. Having that extra help keeps you going and forces you to do yourself a favor which is sometimes what you need.