How to be a Pilot

By: Katie Engwall


To be a pilot you can get as low as a associates degree, and up to a doctors degree. While you are in college, you many have the opportunity to receive flight training from the colleges. Some schools in Wisconsin that have flight training are Wisconsin Aviation and Spring City Aviation.

Flight Training

If you want to start making money, you need to have a commercial pilots licences. The main requirements to be able to get the licences, you need to be older than 18, have a private pilots license, passed the practical test, and 250 hours of flight time on an aircraft.

What pilots do

  • Follow landing instructions
  • Make sure safety systems work
  • Work out best flying routes
  • Keep passengers and crew comfortable
  • Write flight reports after flight
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Rise in Pilots

This is showing that there will be a lot of pilots retiring by the year of 2018, so the airplane companies will be hiring a lot of new pilots.


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