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Live Life At The Wonderful City, Harappa!!!!!

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  • Dinner here would have been wheat bread served with barley or rice.
  • Farmers keep herds of sheep, pigs, zebus, and water buffalo.
  • We grow barley, melons, peas, dates, and wheat.
  • Most people in our village became vegetarians so meat was rarely consumed


First go to the Indus Valley Civilization.After that you have to travel to the city of Mohenjo-daro and travel north-east until you reach your destination of the Indus River. Next, you would just keep traveling north-east until you reach our AMAZING city, Harappa. ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!!!!!!


  • 1 or 2 stories high
  • Each of our homes are identical and made of baked brick!
  • The houses are built around a courtyard, with windows overlooking it
  • All of our village homes have our own private drinking well and bathroom!!!!!
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