Rome, Italy

When in Rome...

The Wonders of Rome

From the art and history and rome visit places from the Pantheon to The Baths of Diocletian! There are lots of different museums and historical sights to see. Like the National Museum of Rome which contains many different structures inside of it, it has the Octagonal Hall, The Baths of Diocletian, Palazzo Altemps, and the Palazzo Massimo.

Roman Cuisine

There are more than 500 different varieties of pasta and you can try them all right here in the heart of Italy! Pizza is eaten all over Italy but the best place to get it is Naples. Italy's chefs are intensively proud of their delicious cuisine that originated over 2,000 years ago. here is a list of some great places to get Rome's cuisine: Vic's, Agata e Romeo, Al Presidente, Antica Caffe Greco. Come to Italy and enjoy the wonderful foods in the city

Awesome Activities

Come visit the ultimate tourist city! the best time to visit is march through may because the weather is perfect and its not too crowded, shopping is hot, any there are so many places to go! Some of the nicest hotels are here and you could be a part of it. The sights here are beautiful and tell you a lot about our history. You could walk on the floors of where the gladiators once stood...

The Love Language

Learn the language of Love! ITALIAN... Italian is the national language of italy and it is spoken all over rome. there are some other languages spoken there too like... English, Greek, French and much more! If you want to learn some basic words in italian here are some basic translations...

Time: il tempo

To speak/To talk: parlare

What: che cosa

Which: quale

Friend: l' amico/ la amica

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Sottile beach weather

If your country is too hot or too cold, well we might have just what your looking for....We have the perfect temperatures all winter round! Sottile, means "fine" in Italian. Because its not uncommon to find fine beach weather here! Most tourist prefer not to go in the summer because temperatures can plummet up to the 100 degrees! In short the weather is pretty much perfect for the city of Rome.

Captivating Colosseum

Did you know that rome has some if the most historic sights in Italy? If you are someone who loves old historic sight rome is the place to go! We have lots of beautiful landmarks like The Colosseum which takes you back in gladiators times, The Spanish Steps with gorgeous flowers along the sides of the steps. Come back in time as you stand on the ruins of rome.

Map of Rome

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