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Accommodation in India

India offers a lot of accommodation options. From a conducive environment in backpacker’s hostels to quaint little authentic home stays, from themed resorts & hotels to cribs with plush aquamarine pools, from guest house & shacks to fancy corporate suites & studio apartments, from Jungle lodges & log cabins to luxurious palaces…we have it all!

What must be on your mind while looking for accommodation in India?

  • Location – Type of accommodation largely depends on where you are. So it is good to go with what is abundantly available in certain regions.
  • Budget – You can shack up in places at a throw away price or move into a plush expensive place. Hence, it is a good idea to weigh your budget while selecting your accommodation.
  • Safety – Now this is very important and we can’t stress enough on this! Very low priced accommodation can also mean ‘unsafe or inhabitable’ places. So make sure you choose wisely. If you feel you are not comfortable in a particular place, it is always a wise decision to walk out and look for an alternative safer place to stay, especially for solo travelers. Never hesitate to pay up for safety.
  • Amenities – Basic amenities such as clean bedding, hot water, food, Wi-Fi are subject to the price of the accommodation. Do inquire and read some reviews on the internet about a place prior to booking to save yourself from disappointment.
  • Check-in – Check-out timings -Inquire about the check-in and check-out timings. Although many places give you a lee way on this and are seldom strict, it is better to know about it in advance.

Accommodations galore in India!

Backpacker's Hostel

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Backpacker’s hostels, though very popular in many places in the world, is a recent concept in India. Not just clean rooms and ambient environment for “travelers", these hostels are the best place to meet other travelers and share some travel stories. There is chain of backpacker’s hostels across India and you can find some good ones in the offbeat destinations too.

Suitable for:

  • Budget stay for the backpacking crowd.
  • Traditional hostel stay and feel.
  • The hustle & bustle of other travelling crowd.

Here are some links to hostels in India.

Zostel, Happy Camper, Sonder Hostels, Stops Hostel, Electric cats Hostel, Moustache Hostels, Jungle hostel, Vedanta Wake Up, Prison Hostel, Old quarter Hostel ,

What to pack other than the obvious!

Safety in India

That one question which lurks in every mind while planning a travel to India is safety – a big concern that men, women, solo and group travelers generally have. Well! What one should know is that India is a vast country and like any other country in this world it has its own share of nuisance. Come to India with an open mind but ensure that you are safe. We have provided a few tips below to help you.

First of all - No list can state it all. Always trust your instincts.

Ignorance is not always bliss - do your research!

  • Know about the place you are about to visit – have some basic idea.
  • Do not arrive at a new destination at night – this is something even Indians try to avoid. Moreover, it is easier to locate your hotel/ hostel in broad daylight.
  • Prearrange for your airport transfers immediately after arrival and plan your first night.
  • Try to have trusted contacts at the place you are visiting (acquaintance/ travel agent/ concierge).
  • Respect the culture - Yes! It is a lot more than just ‘Namaste’ and involves appropriate clothes too.

Trust me you wouldn’t do these back home! So don’t do it here. Period.

  • Be over friendly with people who approach you at tourist spots.
  • Engage in conversation even when you sense negative attraction.
  • Accept snacks, beverages, alcoholic drinks, chewing gums or cigarettes from strangers.
  • Leave food or drinks unattended or in care of strangers.
  • Go out late in the night or to a secluded place or a dark street.
  • Hitchhike or accept car rides from strangers.

Ask and you shall receive – never hesitate to seek help!

  • Carry a whistle or any other safety device.
  • Ask the front desk at your hotel/ hostel if there is any area or particular place in and around that you should avoid altogether or avoid going alone.
  • Talk to people and understand what’s happening around. As a bonus, strike up some great friendship along the way.
  • Be assertive – say a no when you want to. If you have not understood something, ask again.
  • Ask Google for help. The maps come in handy to understand if your taxi is going off route.

Learn to be the observer – be aware of your surroundings!

  • Take a picture of your taxi/ tuk-tuk registration/ license – it can really help you at times of need.
  • Mind your body language – sometimes it is advisable to be culturally bound in India.
  • Take care of your belongings.
  • Always get a business card or write down the name and address of wherever you are staying.

Above all – keep an open heart!

  • Do not forget the reason why you are here. So let your hair down and have some fun. Enjoy!
  • Make friends with other travelers – they tell you a lot.
  • Respect local people and local culture.
  • Keep in touch with someone back home.

Remember - “No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be.” – Chuck Thompson.


We appreciate the following:

Please do not do these:

Food in India

In India we don’t eat to live but we live to eat. And there is no way you can leave this country without trying the best of the food which varies from region to region.

Happy Trails to you!

If you have begun your research about India you must have read about how vast and diverse India is as a country. To be precise, India’s road network is the second largest in the world. So if you are planning to come to India and see it all in a month, let me tell you – it is never going to happen.

We have tried to make things easy for you and have laid out destinations on the map of India. You could follow the steps to decide your trail in India:

1. Zero-in on which part of India you want to visit – the North or the South. If you select the North, decide whether you want to go East or West.

2) You heard people talk about the monuments, the temples and the beaches in India and you want to visit exactly those – the popular destinations. Or are you more of an explorer and prefer to go offbeat?

Guide hack: The destinations have been further categorized under popular and offbeat. The popular destinations are picked based on their popularity amongst tourists and the offbeat locations are picked based on personal experiences.

3) Whatever floats your boat! Do you want to experience the culture or are you here for some adventure, wildlife, a particular festival, or do you simply want to soak in the beauty of the nature?

Guide hack: What a particular destination has on offer has been marked against it using these symbols.

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Glossary - For your mobiles to go click click!

Handy Websites – For Information & Booking

Accomodation & Food

Handy Mobile Apps

Following are some handy mobile apps you can download on your both Android and Ios based phones.

Tripadvisor, GoIbibo, MakeMyTrip, HolidayIQ, Hostelworld, Uber, RedBus, ZoRooms, Olacabs, IRCTC, MeruCabs, OyoRooms, ClearTrip, Expedia,, Trivago, Zomato, AirBnB

That’s all folks!!

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know everything about India and are fairly confident and equipped, go ahead and book your tickets. Remember that the planning has to stop somewhere because over planning may kill the surprises that India has in abundance.

But if you are still not satisfied and too many thoughts are haunting you, don’t worry. Your local friend, goMowgli, is here to help.

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