Finals Planning Tips

Because it's never too early!


1. Clear your normal schedule for at least 1 week before your first final. Minimize work, skip parties and shop for supplies prior to planning your study time. Give yourself plenty of time for studying.

2. Create a written schedule you can refer to over the course of finals week. Whether you use a computer program, handheld device or just a piece of paper, make sure you have something with you at all times that will keep you on track.

3. Prioritize classes based on the amount of time you need to prepare for each. If you feel more comfortable in one course than in others, you probably do not need to schedule as much time for studying that subject. Make sure you give yourself a bit of time for the easy classes too. Have hours blocked out to prepare for each exam.

4. Create time for group and individual studying. Pick effective study groups to maximize your time. A bad group will waste your time, so leave it off your schedule. Balancing individual and group studying lets you focus on your weaknesses for each subject.

5. Stay on track by including key concepts you need to review on your study schedule. Planning ahead what you will study helps focus each hour of time on material you need to cover.

6. Plan study breaks, including eating, sleeping and exercising. Many students study through meals, but you will feel better mentally and physically if you give yourself breaks.

7. Adjust your schedule during the week of studying to refocus your attention on material you need to work on more. Do not add in more time for socializing, shopping or goofing off, which will not help you prepare for your tests